Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy June!

Happy Birthday to Miss Kate Martin today: fellow Ursuline lion, Hillsdalian, and founding member of Club Chez. She turns 21 today. Oh yes she does.

Brief update on my day:

Today I copy edited a book review on George Eliot and her affinity for Zionism and Jews. That was interesting, especially since the only book I've read by her is The Mill on the Floss. Most of my day, however, has been spent contacting major publishing houses to request books. This usually is not too bad with a little sleuthing; a phone call here, a transfer there, an e-mail and voila! The book is overnighted and my editor is happy. Today, because it is Monday, publishing houses have decided to be particularly hard to get in touch with; I'm not complaining, because it's my job, and I have nothing else to do besides my job, but it is a little frustrating to find a contact, e-mail them, get the 'out of the office' auto reply--which usually points me to another person,who, in turn, also gives me 'out of the office' auto reply, as well as a phone number to people who transfer you to a very large answering machine, which I will not leave a message on, because I want assurance that my request has gone through. So I keep calling and e-mailing, until I get that assurance. It sounds daunting, but it's almost like navigating through a labyrinth, and can be rewarding.
Ahh, just got an e-mail back from a major publisher's publicist (who you usually have to go through to get copies of books for reviewers), and it's got all her contact information. I have a feeling we're going to be in contact frequently this summer. Success, so sweet.

Bonus of the day: I got my badge today! My picture looks fine, opposed to the fact that my eyes are half-closed. Carol says it looks great, and that other people's badge pictures turned out horrible. I'm satisfied to even have a badge, i.e. no more signing in when entering the building, just flash the badge.

Today I signed in with Aaron, my first friend/ fellow intern at the Times (we both started the same day) and Kat, who goes to Hillsdale with me. The security guard was giving Aaron slack for not signing in properly and I was waiting for Kat, to show her where to go, when the security guard started mouthing off about people not signing in properly.
"And look," he said, "here's another one. Juulie Roobison."
I resisted giggling, and quickly pulled Kat towards the newsroom, and handed her off to Carleton Bryant, who is in charge of TWT interns. I asked him about orientation, which I thought was going to be today, but Carleton said it's going to be another time. So I went to the Books office, dropped off my stuff, went to security to see if I could get my badge done (that was probably my twelfth time down there), FINALLY got it done, and now I've got it attached to a white lanyard with The Washington Times in red around it. I look like a tax-paying citizen! When I had lunch today with Krudy, Liz, Kat, and Aaron, Krudy told me that no one cares anymore about getting a badge because he likes to rain on my parade.

Okay, mail's here, off to open packages! I like opening the books up because it gives me a chance to see them before them enter the different stacks. I'm keeping my eyes open for a book I get to review, which is so exciting. I'm reading The Unvanquished by William Faulkner now (quite excellent!), but I would like a book to review of my own.

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