Monday, October 12, 2015

Days 11 & 12: up, up and up!

Okay, it is officially difficult to post every day. Travel dispensation? We arrived in Cincinnati very late on Saturday evening due to our generous rest stop policy, and today, the girls and I drove to Louisville to spend part of the week with Will's family.

After dinner, a surprise thunderstorm rolled through, and Laura was entranced.

The rain did not stop her from standing up on her own, of course.

She taught herself to stand about a week ago, and I am amazed with how nimble she is now.

Yay! Nothing is going to keep her down.

{almost 7.5 months}

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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Day 10: Tapas for Two (Plus Two)

On Thursday (since we're driving all day today!), our little familia went out for a last supper since the girls and I will be gone for three weeks while Will finishes his Trauma shift. It's a brutal shift, and this way he can focus on his work and all the studying required of him, and I'll feel a little less like a single parent during the month of October.

We went to Tapas in downtown historical Bethlehem and it was delicious - mussels with fries, garlic shrimp and pork belly worth savoring in tiny bites. Fun drinks and two adorable girls to boot.

It's going to be hard to be away - I am quite attached to Will, but when his shifts are ridiculous, it's time to switch up the scenery. Plus, we won't be traveling home for any holidays near or far at this point. (Residency life!) Which is okay, too, because we're forming our own family traditions. So, back to the Midwest we go!

The girls were really excellent the entire time during dinner - only towards the end did Grace need to get out of her high chair and "feed" Will the rest of his dinner.

This was one of the first times we've taken both girls out to a nice restaurant, and we were not disappointed. Looking forward to many more family dates, and for the warm weather to return!

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Friday, October 9, 2015

Days 8 & 9: Dr. Julie Baldwin, Reporting

Today, there was a Halloween party with my MOMs Club group, and since we make maybe one meeting a month, I decided to go all-out. Please note that I was the only mom in costume, so Will called me "The Cool Mom." OH YEAH.

I won't tell you what I originally planned on doing (because: next year), but after my sister-in-law Ellen gave the girls these adorable onesies, I knew what we had to do.

Dr. Julie Baldwin, Radiologist, and her two skeletons.

Wearing an old pair of Will's scrubs, and one of his white coats, "fixed" with a little masking tape. Nooooo, it's JULIE Baldwin, MD. Duh. Do you even read this blog?!? I like to think that if I went into medicine (which is never), I would go into radiology because a) less messy; b) attention to detail; c) no needles (I think?).

ANYWAYS, it was fun and everyone liked our costumes, and easy. Scrubs are mega-comfy, though untucking the top to feed Laura was less graceful than my usual attire. Now, will the REAL Dr. Baldwin please stand up?

A selfie for funsie. We look good in our role-reversal.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Day 7: New Kicks

Monday night: Will was working an overnight shift, and the girls were restless, so I decided to stop pursuing Zappos and actually take the girls to a shoe store. We were to New Balance because they are known to have a variety of wides - excellent for people looking for shoes that will fit a slim AFO brace.

We tried on a variety of pink colored sneakers in different sizes and widths, and while we ended up buying one a tad bigger than I would have liked, it's worked well for her the past few days. Two of her therapists have noted a marked improvement in walking (less side-stepping), and the percentage of walking to crawling has doubled. She loves wearing them - requests, even! - and ignores the brace in good humor.

If my ability to only get in-motion shots is an indicator: this girl is on the move. This girl walks.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015