Thursday, June 25, 2009

I'm sorry, do I look like a receptionist to you? Oh wait...yes, yes I do

The letters editor isn't in yet, so I've been bopping around the office answering the phones. I sit for a few minutes before the phone rings and I jump up to answer it. After that, I come back and sit down again, and resume my work until the phone rings again. And so on. I'm sure he'll be in soon, and then I'll settle in.

I'm sitting at my desk, not regretting the choice I made to buy and eat overpriced yet so incredibly deliciousle fresh fruit. I think my body might convulse from so much nutrition entering it at one time. I am also trying to avoid my coffee, but know I must drink it if I am going to be productive today. Getting up was exceptionally hard today, and I am not sure why. (I have my theories, obviously, but they're not nearly interesting enough to discuss here.)

Aaron and I decided it was a coffee morning, so we went down to the cafeteria to get our fix. I got a small, he got a medium, which is the largest TWT offers. He was not amused. Our conversation was fun, with my favorite part being him telling me about this delicious bagel he had, and I saying I'm glad he enjoyed it but it sounds disgusting. He told me I didn't like bagels enough because I'm not Jewish (he is), and then I told him the story of the last time I went into a Jewish bagel shop during high school and the man yelled at me. "Of course he did," said Aaron. "You're not Jewish!" Oy vey.

Later he told me that everything is good in moderation, including bulimia and anorexia, which I disagree with, but the conversation ended positively with our mutual love of alcohol. "That's the one thing you can't take in moderation," said the Oh-Wise-Not-Yet-21 Aaron, "because then you just get fat and you're not even having fun while you're at it." Then he said, "You're Irish, right?" to which I replied "Of course!" and that, my friends, is Aaron's reasoning behind my love of the drink. To those unawares, Aaron and I both started on the same day and sat awkwardly together in the front, waiting for an editor to take us to our respective posts in the building, and thus made conversation and became friends for life. We're going to go to ihop soon because he went last week and now I'm craving pancakes.

The shuttle was extra full today, but it was okay because we were having hilarious conversation (unlike yesterday, which was me trying not to fall off the seat as the shuttle jumped around potholes). Also, the gossip columnist complimented my outfit again today. I'm wearing one of my favorite skirts, and it's always comforting to know that I look nice when I feel crappy. I lost my SmarTrip card yesterday, so I filed my information to the DC Metro and hope to hear back from them soon. I miss the sturdy card that tells me exactly how much I have left on it, although my temp pass works just as fine.

I finished my article for HILF (Hillsdale Intern Leadership Forum) and sent it in to the crew over at the Kirby Center yesterday, and I am pleased to say I got an e-mail back from the Associate VP saying she loved it and to keep writing like this for the other sessions. From what I understand (when I was first approached with the assignment), the college might use this, which would be an awesome for me. I'm not expecting anything, but it is well-written, so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Today I'll be starting my second book, writing, editing, contacting publishers, and other little items. I got edits back on my first book review, but, being me, I forgot the book at home so I will be working on that tonight. I also forgot my crackberry at home; I'm not as despondent as I thought I would be, truthfully. I thought I would feel like I had lost a ligament, but really I feel a little freer. (John Mayer's rendition of Tom Petty's "Free Fallin'" is now going through my head.)

Last night Amanda (fellow Hillsdale KKG) and I had an impromptu date of dinner at this excellent Irish pub, where I ate a burger (I love meat) and drank a Guinness (one of the reasons I know God exists). It was a great atmosphere, and made me feel proud to be Irish, and wish I was in Ireland. I really want to learn to speak Gaelic, just because it looks really interesting, and I feel like it's one of those languages no one can really eavesdrop on haha. I had a friend in grade school whose mom was from Ireland, and I always thought she was the cat's meow. It was funny though, because around quarter to 8 the Celtic music turned off and Kayne came on. Hmm, Celtic, Kayne, Celtic, Kayne...I don't know about you, but the choice seems easy for me!

There's an Intern BBQ on the Hill, so I think I'm going to go to that tonight. Matt will definitely be there, and so will Dakota and Will (according to Matt). Rep. Jim Jordan will be speaking, so that's always fun. I found out that Congressmen have a special pin they wear to show/prove they're in Congress. I feel like half of DC wears some sort of lapel pin. I hopefully won't be out too late, because I'd still like to do laundry, go for a run, and work on my review. Even though my dear roommate may not believe me when she reads this, I'm going to start getting up early to run because waiting until nighttime is getting to be too hard. I'm so exhausted when I get home, and then I eat dinner, and then I have to wait so I don't get sick, and then I'm pumped on adrenaline from my runner's high. I think it will help me become more disciplined too, but that's in theory. I got the chance to talk with Heather last night, which was so wonderful, I can hardly explain it in words, and she's going to try to get up early too, so we're going to keep each other accountable. I'm not exactly sure how because she is horrible at communication, but that's where I step in, because I'm usually good at keeping in touch/ stalking her. (Is it stalking if she's not opposed to it? Can you stalk a best friend? When does it become harassment? All questions I ponder after the fourth or fifth phone call I make, until I finally reach her. I blame the three hour time difference.)

So happy Thursday, one and all! It's been a trying week for some, good for others, but I hope you are all feeling the sun on your face and the wind at your back.
The quote below was in an e-mail I got from Gina, a friend from school:
"God passes through the thicket if the World and wherever his glance falls He turns all things to beauty." --St. John of the Cross

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