My Corner

My corner view currently has a hospital in it.

Hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio

Currently in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 

This blog started in college, right before the summer I spent in Washington, D.C. I did not read blogs until two years after I started my own, unawares of friendships to be made, opportunities found, and posts spreading wider than my statehouse reporter career. I write because I love it, and I love connecting with people, as well as sharing my Catholic faith, good reads, and daily endeavors.

I am Midwest born and bred; daughter of a lawyer and a nurse; the oldest of six; overly attached to two dogs named Heidi and Elektra; wife of Will; mother to sweet Grace. Trying to live on my adventure side.

Mi familia

Will is my dear husband; funny and sarcastic, rational and logical, he keeps me grounded and answers all essential and esoteric questions I hurl at him. He's an Emergency Medicine resident and avid tennis, card and video game player, and likes flying Grace around like an airplane.

Grace (the butterball) is our sweet daughter born in September of 2013. Sassy and smiley, she keeps us laughing and grooving. We dress her up in pink, pink and more pink.

Laura is our second sweet daughter! She was born in February 2015; she is a curious and strong.

When I'm not entertaining Grace/Employment:

Ignitum Today, Editor-in-chief
Memoria Press, Instructor (U.S. History, AP U.S. History)


Hillsdale College, B.A. in American Studies
Holy Apostles College and Seminary, M.A. candidate/ current student


The Bright Maidens, co-founder
The Imaginative Conservative, senior contributor 
The Mirror Magazine, founding contributor
Progarchy, lazy contributor and active lover of prog rock

Published elsewhere - including: The Key of Kappa Kappa Gamma, National Association of Scholars, Ohio Watchdog, Our Sunday Visitor, Southern Literary Review, The Washington Times

I love hearing from my readers! Please introduce yourself and send any questions my way. Y'all can e-mail me at julie(dot)cornerview(at)

Tweet, tweet: @thejulieview
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Thanks for reading! I am glad you are here.