Monday, June 8, 2009

Intern Orientation, Part 1

Today all the interns had a meeting at 9:30 a.m. What does that mean? That means I could not take the shuttle at 9:30, as I usually do. My friend Aaron and I complained about it for ten minutes while waiting for the shuttle today. It was great fun, and I'm definitely going to miss riding the shuttle with him once he gets his car next weekend.

Riding the 8:45 shuttle means I had to get up earlier than planned, come to an office where the rooms were locked and dark (of course none of my bosses were in before 9:30, let's get real here people), and forcing myself to break my coffee-less streak, which has gone on for a little over a week now. I had half a cup of coffee and two Irish cream creamers. That may seem like a lot of creamer for only half a cup of coffee, but I do in fact hate the taste and smell of coffee, so I deemed it completely necessary.

The meeting was fine--pointless, but fine. I got there right on time (obviously; why would I get to a pointless meeting early?), listened to people introduce themselves, introduced myself, and helped myself to a large blueberry muffin while everyone else filled out paperwork I filled out 2-3 weeks ago. I kibitzed with the five interns who have also been here since May, feeling awesome for not being the newbies. Then Carleton asked us about what we're working on, and when I talked about the book I'm reviewing ("What's New?" which is ten science essays about the future of science, and where it's going to take us), three of the interns I'm friends with burst out laughing and told me how horrible my book sounded because I told them it was fascinating (which it is). Then I told Aaron that why I'm in Books and he's at the Foreign desk. I love bantering back and forth with people.

We hung out in the conference room drinking juice (did you know the piece of ocean between Nantucket and Massachusetts is called the Nantucket Sound?) until I decided to go back upstairs and get work done, because I certainly have enough. I ran two books down to Graphics, but their office wasn't open yet, so I'll be doing that after I post this. I chatted with Brett (editor) for a bit, and he wants to talk about my special project today, so I'm going to keep prepping for that. I have a ton of articles from The Financial Times that I need to look over. Dad found them in his paper, and had Tina (his assistant) scan and e-mail them to me. It is so great, and I'm excited about the free four week subscription to FT that I just signed up for. FT is my favorite newspaper, it is so well-written, informative, and witty.

I need to learn how to upload pictures to this blog, because I think that will be fun. So wait for that :) Start of a busy, busy day and a busy, busy week--it's going to be great!

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