Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Newsflash: Nesting Update

And so I have reached the point of no return: I have two boxes left to unpack.

And unpack them I must, because I need:
1) my sleep mask (for the sun that dawns around 6 am into our bedroom)
2) my insurance card (for my ob/gyn)
3) all le crapola I brought down with me, so I can find appropriate hiding storage areas for them.

Once I unpack those, I will return to my Thank You Note crusade. I have a lot of those, still from the wedding and, now, the baby gifts. I'll probably write a few letters for fun, too.

The days are hot down here, with a sizeable chance it will rain (or at least thunder). And rain it does, almost every day. My days are "filled" with writing, household duties, napping, going to the grocery store, taking and picking up Will from school. Bebe is kicking and moving a great deal, and I am generally exhausted from nothing exorbitant. Will has discovered the Tulane gym area, and I am excited to join in too! At least to get out of the apartment for a purpose.

Although the New Orleans heat can feel harsh, it is very lovely outside after 6:30 pm. I've enjoyed our porch picnic area and after dinner laps around the grassy area park nearby.

The downstairs is mostly together, so, these days, I'm up in our nursery/ my study/ our guest room.

Progress is slow.

But at least the crib is built!

 More updates later!

Welcome to my third trimester, y'all. 


  1. I feel you on all the boxes and just wanting to be able to walk/find things!!

    Love the new blog design! Not sure when you did it but I'm just noticing (sorry if it's been like this for months).

    1. Thank you! It's 2-ish weeks new. I needed to switch it up - more color!

  2. You'll get it all done. Max's room was crazy for a long time. It's finally finished. It gave me a lot to do while at home. Enjoy it! Excited for you! Baby is just around the corner.

    1. Baby just around the corner means visitors around the corner! Even more reason to "get it done"!!

  3. Julie, you look great! :)