Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Newest Intern in the Mail Room

My editor is not coming in till later because she had to take her son to his wisdom teeth consultation. I finished my work for her, and then I went down to the mail room to pick up the books which had yet to be delivered, so that I could open them and put them in the boxes outside her office. I think I may have found two books to review. One is on the history of Iraq, and the other is on modern science and where it is going. We'll see what the editor is thinking. I can tell she feels bad for turning me down, but she shouldn't. I'm still a lowly intern.

Anyways, I pushed the mail cart up to Books, did my job, and pushed it back. On the way back, I stopped to tell my friend Aaron that a few of us (i.e. the Hillsdale interns) were going to lunch at 1, and he was free to join us. Anyways, so he asks about why I'm pushing the mail cart around, and then Carleton (the guy in charge of us interns) asks me in a concerned voice if I am now working in the mail room, to which I then explained to him of course not, I'm just doing extra work for Books. He seemed relieved, to say the least, although I do not think working in the mail room would be that bad. They have parties where they grill out. I want Editorials, Books, and Commentary to grill out too!

I've been paling (is that a word?) around with the Letters Editor today, which has provided much entertainment and keeps me from getting bored. I (along with the rest of campus) also found a great article in the WSJ on why Hillsdale is better than Harvard. No, really. Check it out.

I'm hungry, but still have to wait until 1. Hmph. Will now find other toady tasks to distract myself with until my editor returns. Rich, who is one of the heads in Editorials, has a special project for me, but he wants to wait until Carol (my editor) is back until he gives it to me. I am feeling like I am in Limbo until Carol gets back! Coooome baaack! Maybe I shouldn't get my work done so fast; oh the ironies of being efficient!

I am coffee-less today. I'd like to see how long I can go for (so far: two days), but I know I'll need it tomorrow. Maybe I shall start this over on Thursday.

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