Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Caucus-Race! In Alexandria, not Wonderland

Most of you know that I'm rather competitive. Well, this morning was no exception. I slept in because I was up late working on my article, and since I've been running on less than 6 hours of sleep a night for the past couple days, I thought sleeping in for a little less than an hour would be okay today (completely worth it). I left the apartment cutting it a little close, and thought about waiting for the bus, but then decided that was for wussies/ I didn't feel like waiting. So off I went, down the street, and wouldn't you know it? There's a man slightly ahead of me, walking in the same direction. He was tallish, bald, and perspiring on his back (it is muggy and hot today, in his defense). I decided we were going to race to the metro station.

Rules of Engagement:
1. Your opponent cannot know you are racing.
2. You have to keep a reasonable distance. (It should not look like you are following. That is bad racing form. I, for instance, was across the street.)
3. Look both ways before you cross the street. (Just because your opponent doesn't does not mean that you will not get hit by a car.)
4. No running, only walking.
5. No contact. No touching, no talking, and try to avoid eye contact. (Eyes on the prize!)
6. Be a good sport. Some people are better walkers, some people are worse. You never know when you start to race, so keep an open mind. Otherwise, you might be tempted to breach contract and break rules.

The baldish tallish man and I split paths when he went towards an office and I continued on for my final stretch before the metro. I wanted to shake hands with him, but that would break Rule #5. I kept a steady pace all the way to the metro, swiped my card with ease, took the escalator at a trot, and arrive with one minute to spare before the yellow line pulled into the station. Success! And off I went to work.

And here's a fun fact for the KKGs following (officially and unofficially): I have a light blue heart shaped pin which says "Kappa" in dark blue cursive lettering on my messenger bag I take to work every day. Berlucchi gave it to me at Senior Wills this past year. Anyways, I was on the very crowded metro today, standing in front of this man and woman. Right before my stop, the woman asked me where I was a Kappa. I told her Hillsdale College in Michigan, and she said she had been a Kappa in Orlando, FL. We shook hands right there. It was so great, and really made my day. Hail Kappa!

Interview today for my special project; wish me luck! The Financial Times had an excellent story that provided new information. I think I'm going to go at this story at a different angle, but I really need the interview to cement where I want this piece to go. Until then, I'm going to keep typing, reading, and talking to the letters editor. My editor isn't in today; her son is getting his wisdom teeth out, which is funny because so is my sister Katie!

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