Monday, July 6, 2009

This just in: Hillsdale wants to interview me for a Hillsdale video! I must be a pretty big deal.

Songs of the day:

“In A Big Country” by moe.

“I Feel It All” by Feist

“Quiet Houses” by Fleet Foxes

David gave me the business section of the Financial Times to read this morning, and now I can report to you dear readers that Madoff’s lawyer does not regret defending him and that he would do it again if need be, because he believes in the constitution and the bill of rights. I really enjoyed reading that.

I also learned that Obama will be in Russia today, discussing decreasing defense spending and missile production. Not to burst his bubble, but
A) that seems like a really dumb thing to do, especially considering the turmoil in the world right now and
B) Russia is right by N. Korea. I doubt they will be doing any decrease in defense.

Obama will also be meeting with Pope Benedict XVI on Friday, so I will be interested in hearing how that meeting goes. I hope that Pope gives him an earful about the dignity of life and the problem with his appointee to the Vatican being a liberation theologist. Liberation theology is type of theological teaching started in the 1970s, and is essentially Marxist. It is not true to the teachings of the Church, and JP II was a strong advocate against it. President Obama has been very eager to please all people, but with pleasing all he still ignores the wishes of a few. Also, I'm uber-jealous Obama gets to meet the Pope. I could use a little spiritual guidance from him right now.

Having a great day at work; read and edited too extremely well-done book reviews, kibitzed with two editorial writers, and now working on my book review/ talking to the letters editor (really intellectual conversations too, like how his tie brings out his eyes). Looking forward to this week, as something good is happening every day. Tonight, for instance, I am having beer and food with the J-Babe. That should be a lot of fun.

In the happiest of news, I get to go to Marisa’s wedding now. God is so, so good!


  1. Not to detract from your aspirations of being a pretty big deal, but they want to interview me, too.

  2. You know Will, it is perfectly possible to ALSO be a big deal haha and it's not an aspiration, it's a fact :)