Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Harry Potter is worth not going to bed at a reasonable hour for

First off: saw the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince last night with my friends Tessa, Hunter, J-Babe (who went as "Fratty Potter," it was so funny) and his girl friend Kaitlin. We got to the theater a little before 10:30 (movie was supposed to start at 12:01) and the line was wrapped around the large block and up the side street. The amount of people there was ridiculous, yet awesome. I deal fine with crowds, I just prefer to not. Too many pushy and annoying people. Heather called me though to find out when I was going back to school so that we could move all our stuff (i.e. books and winter clothes, etc.) from Mac to Kappa together. It was so wonderful hearing her voice; the three hour time difference makes it a wee bit difficult to catch each other, but when we do, it is always glorious.

The movie was amazing. I would see it again today or tomorrow or the next day in a heartbeat. Even though I read all the Harry Potter books multiple times, I am embarrassed to say I have since forgotten many major components of the sixth, and that I yelped at a part involving something coming out of dark water rather suddenly (dark water is probably one of my biggest fears; there are just too many variables--also, the whole didn't know that was coming element: I can be a jumpy person in general, so that most likely contributed as well.) The plot was not disjointed, there was character development, actual funny parts (not just forced laughing between the three protagonists), as well as elements of sympathy, growing pains (Draco's angst was pretty classic), action and adventure, and great dialogue.

Today I edited the Sunday section (including my own review!) and am now taking a break from reading my second book. I'm also meeting with one of my favorite editorial writers later to go over and discuss the op-ed I wrote. I found a neat book on the give-away table by the Books office called "The Constitutional Presidency;" that would have been a neat senior thesis topic as well! I drank (am still drinking) coffee today but I didn't (don't) like it. I even made it myself and still didn't (don't) like it. I made Ben (an editor) coffee too and his was fine, so I know it is not just me botching up the brew.

Tonight I am meeting up with Matt, Will and Zach at the Press Club for drinks, and then heading over to Chinatown to have dinner with CNers. I think it shall be another lovely night. The weather continues charming.

In closing, I saw an interesting quote and wondered what y'all think about it: "Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it." --Russel Baker.

I'm not sure what the context is or where it is even from, but it certainly made me think I haven't suffered too horribly this summer; in fact, I've kind of liked it!

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