Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Life is like an ad for the Spy Museum...

Today is National Cowboy Day (I found that out when I was visiting the Shells in AZ and we went to Sedona two years ago) and my “little” (but taller) brother Mikey's 17th birthday. I talked to Mom on the phone this morning. So far, he has gotten a green shirt that says "Irish" and a cap that says "Guinness"-- not a surprise, considering my family.

I finished my book; I'll be starting my book review today. I'm currently working on my op-ed. I feel torn, because I do not even think anything will come of my changes, but it's still a good piece, so we'll see.

I had my last lunch with my first TWT friend Aaron. It was good and nostalgic. We went to IHOP, per usual. Still uber-sketchy. I did not plan on it, but I put aside my peanut butter and jelly and apple as it’ll most likely be the last time I see him this summer. He’ll be at CPAC though, so we’ll be able to meet up then. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that (thanks to technology), it’s never really good-bye-- more of a ‘see you’—especially if they’re a true friend. If they’re an acquaintance, they’ll pop up sporadically and if they’re a not-too-nice person, they’ll pop up at a most inopportune moment.

Krudy had this last day on Friday and now MY last day is coming up…ahh!! Can’t/ don’t want to believe it. I miss him. He was my closest friend and fellow Hillsdalian at the Times (and a good friend in general but fine! go join the Marines! I see how it is. The "real world" beckons).

I’m certainly having a day. Special shout-out to Matt Stone, who always makes me think about good things (like whole pitchers of beer haha) when I’m having a bad one :) Another one to Krudy for not trying to reason with me when it came to hating on publishers.

In terms of the title-- Matt and I were discussing how fast summer has gone and if anyone reading this is in DC, I know you've seen the Spy Museum ads around. One of them is a silhouette of a shoe and below it reads "tick. tick. boom." (Matt: there should be a (weee) as the subtitle to that add) and that's how this summer feels to us. It's been going and going and now it's the endgame: the light at the end of the tunnel is approaching and soon we'll be rushed back to Hillsdale and the great unknown.

Also, if you're interested (especially Hillsdale readers): check out Hillsdale's Princeton Review rankings on the HF blog! Pretty awesome.

So, in the infamous words of The Dude, "Hey, careful man, there's a beverage here." Yeah man.

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