Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Just one of the guys

This morning, I opened the conference room because I knew where the key was and the senior editor didn't. As a result, Quinn, one of my favorite editorial writers, made a bowing motion towards me because the conference room has the coffee machine and he needed coffee reeeeal bad. One of the editors told me that he's so used to me being here, he forgets I'm there and talks "sailor talk," which I suppose is opposed to more polite talk around the females versus what he says to the rest of the department (i.e. the men). I've decided to take that as a compliment!

I looked over the proofs for the Sunday section, and it was nice to see changes I had made make it into the final copy. Makes me happy that I am doing my small part for the Books section of the paper.

This is just a small story, but I helped Logan with his crossword puzzle this morning and I think it made my entire day. Probably because the last time Logan needed help on a crossword answer, it was a legal term and I could not think of it for the life of me. It super bummed me out, so I think that was a redeeming moment for me haha. The answer was "signet ring" -- classic.

I've decided that if I wasn't in Books or Editorial, I would totally want to be at the Sports desk. They meander into the office wearing Friday casual every day, with half of them wearing plaid shirts and the other half wearing jerseys; I've only seen Phillies jerseys so far, but I am sure they root for other teams too. (Okay, that's an exaggeration--I've seen plenty of oxfords, ties, and khakis in that office too.) They seem to just sit around, type furiously, and discuss sports all day. What a great job to have! I started writing for the sports section my sophomore year of high school, and then was Sports Editor for the next two years. I love love love the Sports section. If I could have a sports beat? I would pick tennis or soccer; maybe football. There's not much demand for lacrosse reporting, I sadly note.

Having dinner with Kappas tonight! Am determined to finish my book review today.

Today's editorial about Sotomayor. Great line: "No judge who says her gender or ethnicity allows her to choose to see only certain facts and not others should come within a country mile of a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court."

Also, an excellent article from The Jerusalem Post about a Palestinian female journalist who the Hamas police (Hamas government's Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice security force) attempted to arrest for dressing immodestly and laughing in public. Another reminder for why America is great!

And, for my final shout-out, check out my friend Andrew's blog. He's biking across the country (started at the Atlantic, heading towards the Pacific!) and is logging their expedition. It is a great read in general, but with his pictures it is ever better. I think they are still in Montana at this point (it's a huge state!!).

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