Thursday, July 30, 2009

Things I'm Going to Miss about The Washington Times

Tomorrow is my last day. I thought it better to write this out today:

10. My Times e-mail. It's so great and it's really helpful since I have to contact so many publicists. Besides, work e-mail is just so chic and I love seeing the paper's name behind mine.

9. Hanging out at Aaron's desk in the newsroom before leaving the office to say "hi" and IHOPing

8. David coming up from the newsroom to sit on the couch in my "temporary office" (that I've had all summer) to talk politics and ideas and exchanging stories

7. Getting coffee with Krudy in the TWT cafeteria and walking past him on my way to the mail room

6. Saying good morning to the editorial writers; hearing Brett say "Good morning sunshine!"; having them tease and talk to me; helping me with pieces; doing research; hearing they forget that I'm a girl so they "sailor talk."

5. Getting a book in the office after I had contacted the publicist; likewise, developing familiarity with certain publicists and publishing houses.

4. Being part of the peanut gallery, i.e. kibitzing with the managing editor and the letters editor from our respective offices

3. Eating lunch in my office, just listening to the office around me

2. Opening up bags of packages filled with books! It's like Christmas or my birthday. Not that I even want to keep most of the books (yes, a few), I just love opening them.

1. My editor, Carol. She's the best. She's also like my mom and I'm going to miss talking to her.

Things I'm NOT going to miss (this list had to be here too): that annoying security guard I feel has a vendetta against me, riding the shuttle, my cold office, the printer that decides when it wants to work, annoying publishers, transferring calls, telling people that someone no longer works here, bad coffee and the-interns-who-shall-not-be-named.

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