Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hey! Look! A Book Reviewer!

I got to meet one of the reviewers today! John Greenya (pronounced Green-yuh). Very nice older man, such a character. I enjoyed him immensely, but that may have been in part because when I introduced myself, he said my name sounded like a good writer's name.

Today's been going nicely: read the FT this morning, took a walk down to cafeteria with the letters editor so he could get a coke, edited a review, ordered lots of books, meet with a reviewer, and now I'm eating lunch and will launch into the last lap before my own book review is complete. Meeting up with fellow CN interns for dinner tonight, so that should be a good time. There's only a handful of us in the city, so not too bad.

Side note: I do not understand why people where sunglasses on the metro when we are in the tunnels. At night, yes; in tunnels, no. There is simply no need. And you look ridiculous.

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