Friday, July 10, 2009

My Top 10 Reasons For Loving July 10, 2009

10. I got to listen to Dr. Moreno talk this morning and there were donuts. (His talk was really good too. I'll most likely blog about for HF later.)

9. Dr. Carlton agreed to be my thesis adviser! He's teaching at Hillsdale right now; Dr. Schlueter recommended I ask him, since my topic is right in his field (did not know that--now I do!). My thesis is going to be on the degradation of the family in the 21st century with the expansion of government programs. If you have any material, feel free to pass it on to me!

8. I had a really great talk with the managing editor of Editorial. He told me this story about how this president in the Philippines tried to have him killed because he exposed corruption back in 2003. The article is on his wall and everything--I mean how cool is that?! Also, when he came in this morning, he said "good morning, sunshine!" to me. I said it to him yesterday, and was happy to hear it today.

7. Emilia sent me this NRO blurb that features an excerpt from Reps. Boehner and McCotter responding to the Pope's latest encyclical. Many critics say it's political, but it's really not at all, and I'm glad they came out and made a public statement defending it. Read here. It's really great. This is important that they made a public statement, especially with cafeteria Catholics in America approving of Obama and in light of the Obamas meeting with the Pope today.

6. Since today is today, that means tomorrow is tomorrow. And tomorrow, Matt and I go to the White House for a tour and Hunter gets back from Italia!

5. Tonight I am cooking chicken and eating beer. Yes, at the same time. Cooking and drinking always go hand-in-hand. It will be my first night "in" all week. Excitement abounds!

4. Even though I was suppose to go to IHOP with Aaron (I forgot, like a bad friend), I still highly enjoyed eating my lunch today. It wasn't anything fancy: just a sandwich and raisons. There is still something very comforting about my work area.

3. My editor left early and said I could leave early too, so now I can go hear Fred Thompson speak at the Kirby Center this afternoon! I also get to see Amanda again :)

2. My book review has been approved; it shall be printed on July 19, 2009 in TWT. I'm now starting my second book!

and my biggest reason for completely loving today?...

1. It's Friday!! TGIF, indeed.

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  1. Your book review was excellent! I was so excited when I got it and it certainly didn't disappoint. I'm even more excited that its got a publication date, yay!