Monday, July 27, 2009

The beginning of the end

First off, my sister Muffy always has (in my opinion) some of the funniest FaceBook statuses. Here is hers today:
Marianne Robison wants to know something. If you ignore someone's friend request, does a thing pop up in their notifications that says: "Oh snap, you just got rejected!"?

Today is the first day of my last week at work. I simply cannot believe how quickly it has gone by. I of course began it completely behind schedule (as if I'm actually on one, it's usually me deluding myself into thinking I have order in the morning); I took a shower and got dressed, forcing myself to eat part of a banana because I think I should eat something but then forgot to pack a lunch (I'm just not hungry today; or at least, I wasn't for the first half). I make it to the metro fine. I'm carry a semi-empty book bag (vs. my purse or messenger bag) with me now because I'll be lugging books home with me now. Heavy books for my family and friends, but a number for myself as well.

I love books. I remember coming to DC in high school and Mom surreptitiously bought Dad and I matching shirts from the Library of Congress with a Thomas Jefferson quote ("I cannot live without book," which is from a letter he wrote to Adams). I have no clue where it is now, which means Mikey probably has it (along with my Notre Dame lacrosse shirt which is one of my favorites and I will be reclaiming it at home), but I always love seeing Dad wear it around the house.

Today I am finishing the book I am reading "You or Someone Like You" by Chandler Burr. I have been taking lots of notes, so I'd like to get started on it. May finish my op-ed if I have time (dubious). I'm also contacting this one publisher who is annoyingly difficult to get a hold of and we really do need this book in the office ASAP. (Oh! Just got an e-mail. So gratifying.) Also, copy editing, always a favorite pastime.

Last night, my friend Will's family invited a few of Will's friends (myself included) out to dinner. They've been visiting DC the past few days from Texas. I all ready knew Will's sister, but it was great to meet the rest of the family as well (mostly--I think he has an older brother who was not present). We went to Fish Market in Old Town (one of the first convienient things I've done all summer!) and it was delicious. Afterwards we all got ice cream and walked down by the water and talked until the Claytons called it a-night. Then the boys and I went to Murphy's, which was bad beer (Matt agrees; the Guinness was off) and good conversation. Those are four of my favorite Hillsdalians and I am glad I got to share a nice evening with them.

Rach went home this weekend, so I am excited for her to be back. We'll be having Kappa roomie bonding on Thursday with Katie, so I am terribly excited for that. Tonight I was invited to poker by the J-Babe; Hunter and I will get a quality dinner of half-priced pizza and $5 beer beforehand, which will be lots of fun. This week in general will be enjoyable as well, even if it is my last week at work. (next week: research for senior thesis!)

Matt and I always joke about how we go through withdrawal from each other when we haven't seen each other in one or two days, but I think there is certainly something to be said from a notable absence of a good friend. People around the office keep making jokes about how they'll miss me/ they won't miss me. It'll be sad to go, but I have a feeling I'll be seeing them in the future--or at least stay in touch.

Home will be good. I've been thinking a lot about it lately. Not because I want to go home, but rather what waits for me there. I got to talk to Bromley on Sunday, which was so wonderful. She's going home next week, but is not heading back to South Carolina till Tuesday, thank goodness. I'm heading back on the first Friday, because I have my cousin Abby's baby shower (Dad's side) and a wedding of Hillsdale friends (Marybeth and Joe) in Columbus on Saturday. My mom's whole side will be going up to our cousins' lake house, which we do every year and I will be bummed to miss, but it happens. I've all ready made other commitments. I'm excited to meet my new cousin Maggie; she'll still be less than 2 months.

In other news, I work in an ice box.

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