Sunday, September 20, 2009

"Prayer is the oxygen of the soul." -St. Padre Pio

"Oh, how precious time is! Blessed are those who know how to make good use of it. Oh, if only all could understand how precious time is, undoubtedly everyone would do his best to spend it in a praiseworthy manner!"
--St. Padre Pio of Pietrelcina (say that ten times fast! ha!)

Today at mass, Heather reached for my hand and held it for a bit. It was a nice gesture on her part; she's not very touchy-feely. When we started rooming, I'm sure I slightly overwhelmed her whenever I gave her frequent hugs. She doesn't even like holding hands during the 'Our Father' at church, which is one thing I love (especially with my whole family, as we span across nearly the entire pew, with half of us trying to squeeze each other's hand harder than the other). Anyways, I had just been praying silently to myself about things to be and things to come and trusting wholly in His plan when she reached over and held my hand. I find strength in my Savior, but I think there is another type of comfort attained in the hand of a friend. When I asked her later how she knew to hold my hand (something she has never done before, at least in mass), she said she felt like it. Oh, how great it is to have grace shining down on us from above!

This week shall be busy, but I do not know if that even needs to be said. I have an art history test on Monday, meeting with my thesis director on Tuesday and my annotated bibliography is due for Birzer on Friday. This week is also Sigma Chi's Derby Days, various events (i.e. Sommerville talking on Flannery O'Connor, etc. on Thursday at 4 in Mossey; KKG scholarship dinner and dessert; Sir Arthur Guinness day party on Thursday; Kevin McCormick, classicist guitarist and award-winning poet, as well as Dr. Birzer's friend, will talk and play on Tuesday) and the last full week in September. I can't believe how it's flown by! Time really is to be cherished, especially with friends and family.

I felt that this weekend. That warm, fuzzy, "I love and appreciate my friends" feeling. Friday was enjoyable, semi-starting with a great Frost class in which I presented my analyzation of "Wild Grapes" and then getting feedback from everyone else. Some people agreed with me, others didn't, but the best part was the discussion. We spent the whole class dicussing my poem selection (and Dr. Sundahl said I did a great job!). So often people think everyone has to agree with everyone else--but what is the fun in that?! Conversations would be boring if everyone saw everything from the same point of view. I think people need a strive to understand another point of view or opinion perhaps, but ia an agreement necessary? Not always.

After Founding, Delta Pi Nu (the American Studies honorary) had our meeting of the semester (voting to make changes in the constitution, plan events, etc.). Afterwards, Matt, Dakota, Emily and I went up to the Hunt Club for beer(s). It was great fun. We were all in DC this summer too, so I always feel an extra special bond when I am with those fellow AS majors and friends of mine. I rushed back to Kappa because Betsy invited friends over for dinner and I was to make the salad. I got there with enough time to cut up the tomatoes and throw the ingrediants together. I doubt anyone noticed the haste in which salad is so often made.

Most of us went to hear a "gypsy jazz" band, The Hot Club of San Francisco, who were quite talented and entertaining. Fortunately or unfortunately, we left at intermission because we had been there since 7:30 and it was by then 9. From there I went back to Kappa, to my friend Sarah's for a pre-Garden Party party, then to the Garden Party (the fall all-school dance; very fun) before heading up-town to The Wake (Elizabeth H's birthday party) and then back to campus for Jon G's suprise birthday party. The night was an absolute blast.

Saturday I had to get up earlier than I would have liked to get ready to leave Hillsdale and drive to Carleton, MI, where a good friend and fellow Kappa was getting married. The wedding mass was at 2, the reception started at 5, so we (Heather, Kate and I) killed a little time at Panera doing homework. The reception was an absolute blast: the food was delectable, the Kappas were a-plenty, the dancing was energizing and the bar was open(!!). My favorite part was obviously when we sang "Sweetheart" to Mathew and then got Laurel in the middle to sing "Like a Prayer" (our chapter's song we sing together at our social functions), but a close second was the photobooth they had available. You got in took, it took four shots and printed two copies--one for you, one for the scrapbook. Heather, Kate and I may or may not have done it four times. It was incredibly amusing and though I was sad to leave the celebration, I was happy to roll into my bed come 1 a.m.

Art History test tomorrow. Nervous, but at least my notecards look good! Ha! Should head back to Kappa soon, so I think I'm going to go find Anna in the Heritage Room. Happy Sunday, mon amis!

in addendum: for all you Cincinnatians out there, today is Skyline Chili's 60th birthday! Huzzah Huzzah!

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