Saturday, September 26, 2009

Good Night, Moon

Well, I did get a "warrant" for my arrest on Thursday, but if the real po-po haven't caught up with me yet, I certainly was not about to give up my freedom easily to fraternity men on campus. Besides, I was babysitting/ putting my adviser's kids to bed. Babysitting them is always wonderful in the sense that they are like a second family to me. I love them dearly and I know they love me too, but it can also be difficult because, as I have to do with my own siblings occasionally, I have to deal with the hated activity of bed time.

I can sympathize with the little ones because I, too, hated bed time as a child--and now, for that matter, as a 21 year old. My parents call me a "night owl" since I love being up late. It's my favorite time of the day. I remember lying in bed at my childhood home, staring out my window, watching the moon and making up stories about what I'd do if I ever went there. Since high school, however, I can physically no longer fall asleep before midnight. My parents thought it was because of my lacrosse schedule (something about my body's clock in relation to practice and eating and homework), but in college it persisted as well, much to my sleep schedule's chagrin. College is all ready a different schedule and having to balance sleeping and everything else has proved a challenge.

I love sleep. I really do, despite my lack of getting it. I love getting up early and having an overly-productive day. Sleeping in is also a favorite activity, but not a frequent one. The only stable is that I stay up late, studying when no one else is awake, feeling like I'm capturing stolen time while reading or writing away. My dad always teases me that I can fit more social activities into one day than most can in a week, but I think that's why I like the night so much--people go away, and I find myself reveling in a content solitude gives one that can't quite be matched. That being said, I still prefer studying in silence with another person, but I do not think that completely negates my preference for solitude argument.
That being said, it should be a surprise to hear that I was in bed before midnight last night. This week was that exhausting. The American Studies BBQ went really well (I shared Kilmer's poem "Trees" ), Mock Rock was fabulous (more on that later) and I got to hang out with Vivy until I decided to not side-step three parties and opt for my bed instead. That will definitely not be happening again tonight.

I talked to my cousin for a while this morning and she told me how she recorded her voice for her nephew-to-be, reading lots of children's books to him, like Martha and George, Harold and the Purple Crayon and Good Night, Moon. Afterwards, I packed up to go up the hill, walked a bit at Relay for Life with Brynna and am about to leave the library with my books and papers to write two papers (4-5 pages and 3 pages, respectively), which I plan on starting AND finishing today. Later I'll have to find someone to take me to the store to buy a few things for my Little. I would ride my bike, but I think it's a little far for that. It sounds busy, but I think I can do it all. Wish me luck!

Also, the greatest book to read when one can't sleep is
"We Can't Sleep" by James Stevenson. I need to invest in another copy or go home and re-claim it.

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