Monday, September 14, 2009

It's Monday! Hail Kappa!

Another to-do list is written, I'm in the library till 3 then Founding with Birzer, CCA afternoon session, dinner, chapter meeting, CCA evening session, more studying till rosary at 10 and then studying till bed time. How well this will work? I can only hope I stay on course.

Last night I left the library around 11:30 p.m. intending to get to bed early, but instead I ran into my friend Doug on the quad and then we ended up talking till about quarter after 1. It's funny how a simple comment ("So what did you do over the summer?") can turn into a hefty conversation ranging from campus politics and social mores to religion to soccer to stories from high school, et al. I think that's when you know you're good friends with someone (or at least very comfortable with them and on friendly terms, to be even looser); you can just talk seemlessly and love every minute.

I think getting to know a person is one of the most important things people can do. It broadens the perspective, encourages dialogue and helps cultivate a better understanding of humanity. And I just love people. The short story writer O. Henry used to go to seedy bars and buy people drinks so that he could hear their stories. I don't know how I feel about working the seedy bar circuit, but I take every chance I can to get to know another person a little bit better. You never know when you can be that person they need to listen to them.

Potential donors are wandering around campus, through the library, peeking into classrooms. I love feeling like a goldfish :)

p.s. Rach and Stacy: Bids went out yesterday!! We now have 9 new Kappa babies--and more to come, I am sure. I'll keep you posted on the final numbers, but we are ROCKING recruitment. Mary Kate P. sent a message to Sarah telling her that her sister and friend said that Kappa had the best open house :) Hail Kappa!!

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