Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's like Robinson, only without the 'n' or Robertson, only pronouncing the 'ert' as an 'i'

It was recently brought to my attention that perhaps I should clarify exactly how to pronounce my last name. You see, being a Robison and not a Robinson has had certain disadvantages in my life, namely being that people struggle to properly pronounce my last name. I am here to dispel the myths:

Robison -- ROB-is-sun

*'rob' which rhymes with 'bob' and 'job' and is not pronounced 'robe' or 'row'

Does this help? I hope so. Believe me, it's frustrated me more than it ever will you and you are not the last (sadly) to struggle with its pronunciation. I do think that friends, at the very least, should pronounce each other's names right :)

The day was rainy--my wellies were back on! I'm in my sperrys now. I had my first meeting with my thesis director today and it went relatively well. I'm expecting a package from my mom any day now (things I forgot at home, etc.) and wait for it impatiently. I'm in the middle of writing a letter to my friend Andy, who is stationed over in Afghanistan. He married one of my good friends at school this past summer, but was deployed in August. His wife, my friend Marisa, is still here at school. We've been running a lot together because the Army Wives association has decided they're going to run 175 miles between now and Christmas (when the guys come home for a break) to support them. Let's just say I've been icing my shins more than usually lately.

Talked to the Collegian (official school newspaper) people today about the Book Review section I am starting. I got one e-mail back! One freshman boy is interested! Yeah! By the end of this semester, I am hoping to double that.

Okay, back to the Cato letters and then bed. I really need to be sleeping more. Get excited for 09-09-09!

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