Friday, September 4, 2009

Kicking off first semester of senior year!! the library

Ah, Friday. I just finished listening to "Rebubula" by moe., an awesome jam band who have been around since the early '90s. I went to their concert my senior year of high school. We were easily the youngest people there and came out smelling like weed. It was a great time. Now Led Zeppelin's "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You" is now on...

Anyways, yay! I finished my first week of college! Now the fun part is seeing if I can survive my first full week...slightly more challenging. I am not particularly liking the whole getting up in the morning, but I got up way earlier in DC so I think I just need to get my sleep schedule back on track.

Tomorrow is the Catholic Society picnic and it's the first big CS event of the year so I have been super-busy organizing that as I am Social Chair of CS. The Sigma Chis are grilling, lots of people turned in their ID numbers to me; now I need to make sure the food gets delivered on time and everyone has a ride to Baw Beese (that's the lake/ park area in Hillsdale)!! It's slightly hectic getting things organized for such a large group of people and even though I enjoy doing it (and am happy to do it!), I will be relieved when it is over. I'm especially happy so many people signed up, Catholics and non-Catholics--it's a great way to get to know people at the beginning of the school year and reconnect.

Right now I am in the library, which I know sound super-nerdy, but I had to print off all these document I'll be reading for my Founding class, as well as a paper I wrote for my Colonial America class last semester for Raney. I wrote in on religious toleration in the colonies, specifically in Maryland and the precedent it set. I'll be dropping it off at Pi Phi for Julia to look over, because she's thinking about doing something with Catholicism and the Founding, which I think may prove difficult since there was only one Catholic signer (Charles Carroll) and the Founding was very much done in the Protestant tradition.

By the way, I need ideas for my Founding research paper. Seriously, I have absolutely no clue what I want to do. Dr. Birzer says we can do it on any thinker/ person, any idea, any event/ battle/ etc., any school of thought, or a comparison of any of the above regarding the foundations of the American republic, c. 1763-1815. I need ideas to bounce off of so that I can come up with my thesis so that I can get my research started ASAP for my annotated bibliography due in a few weeks. Share any and all ideas, please! I cannot think of anything I would like to write on, which bums me out, since I usually have too many ideas I want to do.

The Sigma Chis are having a huge party tonight, but I have not decided whether I am going to go out or not. If I do, it will not be until later, which is fine, because that's when the fun really starts anyways. I'm terribly concerned because I know a lot of my weekends are all ready filling up and not as productive as they should be-- like next weekend, we're all going down to the Heritage Museum in Columbus (Big is going to be helping with our tour, so I'll get to see her!!) and Sunday is Open House. The following weekend is Laurel's wedding and before you know it, we'll be at Homecoming, Fall Break and Parents' weekend! Oh baby, this is going to be a fun semester, regardless of the workload.

Running is going better and the soreness in my thighs from biking has waned. I've been approached several times by guys I play soccer with on the quad to when we're going to play again and that excites me. Playing soccer on the quad is one of my favoritest fall activities. I say fall because it usually never warms up fast enough in the spring to get many games in and, as we mostly play barefoot, the snow often dampens our enthusiasm for the nightly pick-up game. The games go on from any time between 9:30 and midnight and can last as short as 20 minutes or longer than 2 hours, with people coming and going as they please for a study break. The skill range varies, which is good and bad, but always interesting and enjoyable. It's mostly guys, which I think intimidates some girls out of playing, but it shouldn't. We're running over grass and sidewalk, playing around trees, avoiding the underbrush and having a damn good time while freezing in shorts and an oversized sweatshirt, returning to your studies with a huge grin and a few more bruises, only then realizing once you've stopped running that you are completely out of breath.

I was just found in the library and slightly mocked by their incredulous tone of voice that I would be found here on a Friday. I need to retreat somewhere people aren't going to find me. Maybe the Ludwig von Mises library or the study room in the basement of Kappa. I promise I'll be having plenty of fun tonight, which I know was never a doubt in any of your minds.

Mary sent this in an e-mail to the CS exec board and it made me pause and think: "I know God wouldn't give me anything I can't handle. I just wish he wouldn't trust me so much." --Mother Teresa

Ah, "Baba O'Riley" by The Who just came on. Glorious! Happy Friday, friends!

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