Thursday, September 17, 2009

Library Laughs

I'm sitting here, reading and re-reading "Wild Grapes" as I write up an analysis on it because Dr. Sundahl kept raising his eyebrows and staring at me while suggesting that we [the class] do because we might get called on to share on Friday.

This is not me being paranoid either; Heather even asked me about it later.
H: "Does Dr. Sundahl want you to type up an analysis? Was he raising his eyebrows at you? It looked like it was at you, but maybe it was to the person behind you."
J: "No, he read today, remember? Then Sundahl told him to pick someone else to read. I specifically was not turning around so that he would not call me out to read."
H: (laughs, loudly) "Ha! Me too! Well, good luck with that."

Thanks, roomie.

Also, one of my favorite new members just came up to me and asked me if this was "my" spot in the library. I don't think I was in this specific seat, but I was most likely in the same area. I can certainly be a creature of habit for someone who likes to try out new study spots. Maybe I need to get out, but it's getting close to dinner so I'll probably work through since there are less people and therefore less distraction. I studied with my friend Jared earlier until he had to go do his laundry.

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