Saturday, March 1, 2014

My View (vol. 2)

Mardi Gras has started in New Orleans, and there are parades every day. I like to watch on the ParadeCam, but last night we joined the crowds on St. Charles Street to watch the Skeleton Krewe parade go by - it was so fun!

All the people on the floats wear masks and pass out cups, beads and other novelties. There are krewes of all women, or all men, or mixed - and they have a theme, and dress up accordingly, and sometimes dance. There are high school bands and dancers and twirlers and cheerleaders. There are also men who walk with huge torches, and other men riding on horseback, straight out of The Horse and His Boy.

I like the people who get right up next to the float, shouting for stuff. It was hilarious, and totally over-the-top.

Nice float, eh? The Skeleton Krewe was awesome! Very macabre. Then a packet of beads landed between Grace and me - nice catch, baby ergo! Will put them on Grace.

And in the spirit of not trusting the people next to us (the lady asked if Grace was a month, Miss 92nd percentile is 5 months...), we took a grainy selfie to commemorate that we were all at the parade together. Happy weekend!

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  1. Julie, it is so beautiful watching you grow up with your family. Even though times get tough and days & nights run together, never lose hope. You and Will are great parents and motherhood looks good on you. Thanks for letting me be a part of your journey. It is truly an honor and a blessing!