Monday, March 17, 2014

Luck of the Irish and a Mardi Gras Hang-Over

Will called the St. Patrick's Day parade down the Irish Channel on Saturday the "Mardi Gras hang-over" and it was hard to disagree. Lots more green beads this time, though, and people handing out cabbages. It's really great living within walking distance as well - certainly makes for an extra fun parade!

Will Grace inherit her mother's Irish complexion or her father's talent for tanning?

The theme for the floats this year was circus!

Beads a-flyin'!
Okay, this is seriously cool - Simon is a New Orleans-based folk artist artist whose work I love and whose studio I stumbled upon a few weeks ago while on a walk with Grace. On my birthday, we stopped by, met him, and ordered a sign... and then a few days later, we saw him again! 
The after math. Boom.
Happy St. Patrick's Day!! My favorite holiday, hands down, that does not double as a high holy day. A holiday started by proud Irish-Americans to celebrate their homeland, so I feel it is fitting that we participate accordingly. I am fixing Irish stew for dinner and me thinks we'll have a few celebratory beers as well! BECAUSE WILL MATCHED *SOMEWHERE* ... and for my grandmother's birthday today! Happy birthday, dear Mema!

Residency here we come! And erin go braugh!


  1. Ahhh! You guys got Will's Match results already? I thought they weren't out unilt March 21? Anyway, keeping you all in my prayers and can't wait to hear where you'll be off to next!

  2. YAY for matching!!! How wonderful!!