Saturday, March 15, 2014

My View (vol. 4)

So, welcome to the urban jungle. When we first started reading about the program at Tulane, they talked about the "uptown campus" and "downtown campus" - what they really meant was the "pretty campus" and the "ugly campus next to the hospital".

I know; the aesthetics can be overwhelming.
Fortunately, downtown New Orleans is {in general} much nicer than these particular buildings, and I just wish there had been a bit more thought in how to make medical-related buildings more welcoming and beautiful.

On the bright side, next door to the building Will has half his classes in is next to the public library, and the other building is on Canal Street, which is lined with palm trees and is wedged between the French Quarter and the CBD/ Central Business District + Warehouse District for those who want to stay in the city but off the tourist parade routes.

On the other side of this street, there is a lovely city park, City Hall, trees and greenery galore, and streetcar and bus stops. But this is the street we Baldwins frequent daily, and thus it must be viewed.
Join us!

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