Friday, March 14, 2014

#7QT: Eating Our Way Through The Week

Back by popular demand... Grace Harriet here to dialogue about my week. It was Mom's birthday on Wednesday, so, between naps and feedings, we've been having a rawther good time.


My debut as Super Grace with my loyal sidekick (Mr. Muscle) went smashingly! The Lower Garden District is safe. Jackson Ave., I'm watching you.

Super Grace and Mr. Muscle


My people!

Mom's excited because it's her birdday

Those donuts. Dang. Mom made a good choice for breakfast. When do I start solids again?!

wedding cake & glazed

Even my not-a-sweets-person Dad duly enjoyed his:


Then, we got a big package from Cincinnati! (What's Mom's is mine, right?)

And red velvet cupcakes!


Tulane sponsored a crawfish boil yesterday, which is Dad's favorite food. Dad said it was the best day of his life, but he clearly meant of that week... Because my arrival was the best, right? Right?!

Heaven will be a big ole crawfish boil
It was delectable. Not pictured: brass band playing. 

Hamming for the Gram.
Baldwin babes.


Mostly, though, I just like hanging out with my people. Both of them! 

Here's one before bed. While walking down memory lane, Dad showed me his cards.
Not pictured: Mom reading The Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep by Dr. Harvey Karp. Not sure why, I am super well-rested. I even get up early! 


Tomorrow, we'll watch the St. Patrick's Day parade down the Irish Channel! That and me rolling by myself for the first time... Quite a week! Mom is hosting My View link-up again tomorrow; you should join in too!

Happy weekend! Joining in with Jen!


  1. Ok, seriously...y'all are the CUTEST family EVER with the CUTEST baby EVER.

    Seriously. :)

  2. Those donuts look amazing! Bring some when you move to KC! (See what I did there! :D)

    Love your family! So cute!

  3. Grace must post at least once a week, I demand it! Super Grace!!

    Love how in the one picture you can see Will's reflection of him taking the picture!

  4. It's official: I will die if I don't have one of those donuts.