Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Five Favorites (v. 7)

“Irish fight because they love. The more a man loves the more he fights for what he loves. Because the Irish love their country and their God they have more to fight for.” 
--Archbishop Fulton Sheen

Yesterday, I fixed my very first stew: Irish beef stew for St. Patrick's Day! and... we had dinner and beer with a couple of Will's classmates to celebrate the match. So, today, still unsatisfied with how the stew was tasting (after following above directions), I proceeded to take my dad's advice and cook it on low for the next eight hours. (I also added more water, more tomato paste, more red wine, more parsley and more beef/potatoes/carrots.)

Perfection. It had to "stew" - imagine that! Paired with a Shock Top and rolls. I read it's even better in the days to come! Which is good... because we have a lot of it. I cooked it in a stock pot, but I bet a crock pot would work too if you cut the ingredient size. (Or maybe our crockpot is just smaller?)


My lassie, hanging on tight - I love this swing - Fisher-Price Space Saver Swing and Seat. Affordable, swings and vibrates, and easy to move around tiny areas. Keeps Grace very happy!


I wish I had discovered this months ago, when it was actually Thanksgiving, but I'm not that hip. Harvard Sailing Team, on the other hand, is:

You're welcoming.

Young House Love has a line being launched exclusively at Target at the end of March and I am drooling:

So simple, yet imaginative!
I am soooo looking forward to our next place if I get to hang things up on these cute, stylish hooks!


So, this upcoming April is the five year anniversary of my blog. I'll be revealing a redesign by the lovely and super talented Margaret and oh! I feel like the new kid on the block by discovering Bloglovin this past week. I must have been living under a stupid rock or something. But I love it, and I must shout this love from the blog tops! If you want a fun and easy way to follow your favorite blogs besides e-mail or sidebar updates, this is the tool for you.

And... Follow my blog with Bloglovin!

Thanks Hallie!


  1. I love those hooks from Target, especially the key hook! (Visiting from Moxie Wife.) :-)

  2. I'll just join you in drooling over those hooks. LOVE!

  3. Harvard Sailing team kills me! So good.

    And yes, the hooks are amazing, especially the key one.

  4. I just bought one of those space-saver swings for the new baby at a consignment sale. I love how small and portable it is, and hopefully the baby loves it too!!