Sunday, April 5, 2015

On the First Day of Easter, My True Love Gave to Me

This Triduum weekend was much busier than I imagined; Will is back in the ER and, fortunately/unfortunately, he's working nights. He has two more shifts before he is done [with night shift] for the month, but dang, we are both tired. 

Tiredness, of course, means I am much slower at any type of school work (prep/grading/answering questions) done. This first year of teaching is an absolute blast - it's also absolutely exhausting when combined with a first year resident husband (I hear it gets better??) and two small tots.

Laura's radio show ("Late Nights with Laura!") is usually between 11-2:30 a.m., and last night was no exception. This was us at 2 a.m.

We went to 8 a.m. mass because Will got off his night shift at 7 a.m. and if I tried to get him up for a later mass, it would throw off his deep sleep. Needless to say, it was still tough to go from working all night to mass. He told me was trying to smile for this picture. I think the corners of his mouth are slightly up? Maybe I missed the American Gothic memo.

After we got the girls inside, Will went straight to bed. Laura took a nap, and Grace enjoyed presents from her parents and grandparents - and her first Easter basket!

Grace wore:
Dress: Hanna Andersson
Leggings: Hanna Andersson
Shoes: Keens (via Zappos)

She loves her basket.

She dedicated her time to spreading the Easter joy... 

... while I practiced letting go of the things I cannot control... like fun messes.

She had a very joy-filled Easter, and I am grateful for that. This was my first Easter away any extended family: just my family. 

I suppose I was worried that, if left to our own devises, Grace won't have the same fun memories I have with my large extended family. Every single holiday, I know exactly how we'll celebrate and (generally) who will be there. It's a little scary to establish your own traditions, melding favorites, faith and wants. 

Today, though we didn't have an Easter egg hunt or eat candy or play outside, was still fun. Simple and very one-on-two attention; we played together, and she helped me with a few chores. And when her dad woke up, it was two-for-two. Grace didn't care about any of the toys or books she received today: she only cared about attention and love from her parents.

That's what I'm taking forward into this Easter season - just as Christ gave himself to love, a love unto death - so I'm challenging myself to pay more attention. An accountability to Christ, who gave me my life and each sweet minute. To struggle more with him, rejoice more with him, and rest more with him. 

Laura wore:
hat & onesie: Vera Bradley Baby

Julie wore:
Top: Bravado nursing tank & cardigan (via consignment)
Necklace: Stella & Dot
Skirt: Ann Taylor (via ThredUp)
Bottoms: black tights & nude Steve Madden flats

My Lent was very sacrificial in necessary ways: new baby, less time/sleep, husband on night float ...

I want my Easter season to practice the renewal of spirit those struggles should produce. To free myself of the feeling of obligation, and to know that my duties are delights.

So, say it with me now: Alleluia! He is Risen!


  1. what a great skirt! those colors are beautiful.

  2. Will's totally just being stoic - extra-manly for your Easter pleasure :P And there's Vera Bradley BABY??? Oh goodness it's a good thing I have a boy or I'd totally be breaking the bank for those awesome prints! You all look lovely :)

  3. That skirt is awesome, and you look fabulous in it. Your older daughter's tiny armchair is one of the cutest things I have ever seen.

    God bless you for first-year teaching with two little kids and a resident for a husband! I had only myself to take care of in my first year, and it was awful anyway. The saving grace is that you never ever have to do the first year again.

  4. What a pretty skirt...the color of that top really brings out the aqua tones. Christos Annesti!