Thursday, April 9, 2015

Learning to Walk, Learning to Brag

When Grace was 8 months old, we bought her this cart so we could start teaching her how to walk. We weren't sure if she'd ever crawl, so we were starting the walking process early.

She enjoyed it and then we moved, and the novelty wore off. She decided walking was unnecessary. Fortunately, about a month later, she decided she was into self-propelled scooting, which became crawling a month later, and speed crawling soon after that.

This girl is a movement rock star.

Now, at 18 months, she's back on the walking (with assistance) train. Except, she decided to surprise me...

Step 1: Pull yourself up.

"Oh my gosh Mom, stop taking my picture."

"Okay, you can take my picture, but at least get my new shoes in the shot, mmkay?"

Don't mind me, just casually putting my right hand on the cart WITHOUT HELP OR PROMPTING.

Fingers, you listen to me...!

Two of the hardest questions I field are, Is she walking? and Is she talking? They tend to make me feel like all the milestones she's reached thus far are arbitrary.

I'm going to start posting more updates on Grace's progress - the reality is, though she is delayed physically, she is emotionally mature. That provides great stimulus for her, and helps with her progress. As she is a "hemi" (hemiparesis - only one side of her body is affected), she is learning to compensate and assist her weaker side.  Her progress has exploded over the past 10 months, and her therapists wax poetic on how far she has come. I should too, to you all, because cerebral palsy comes in all shades of possible.

So proud of you, Grace!


  1. Um, how did I miss this post?! GO GRACIE! I'm so proud of you!

    Maybe the next time I see you all, she will be walking around! She's making so many strides! (heh, get it? Strides?)

  2. Yay!! She is precious beyond words!!