Thursday, April 30, 2015

Julie 101: The Top Twenty

A combination of things, so first: the sweet Sarah Babbs tagged me on Instagram to share 20 fun facts about myself; I'm sure this isn't kosher buuuut I cannot type on my phone for that long right now AND my IG has a habit of shutting down on me at inconvenient times, and I just can't lose another post that I spent more than 2 minutes on... here goes!

1. I don't believe a person can peak. It limits potential.

2. I played lacrosse in high school.

3. I was in a sorority in college; still very proud to be a KKG!

4. Alfred Sisley is my favorite painter.

5. I am a champion hug giver. Friends call them "Julie hugs"; sort of a tucking in motion.

6. My life mantra:

7. At age 23: I was offered my dream job - an editorial writer at a major D.C. newspaper - and I turned it down because I wanted to stay close to Will. Not a very modern attitude, but some things are worth missing in exchange of a better possibility. 

8. After finishing a review session with my AP kids on Saturday afternoon though, I think I'm living a very cool, very real dream. I never thought I'd be a teacher. I love it.

9. When I taught my kids about the Korean War, I was able to show them pictures of the country when I took a  two week trip to Asia to visit April (May-June 2011). It was my first trip overseas and I adored every day of being there. Here is Geoje Island:

10. Favorite genre: mysteries.

11. I was a wicked good penpal in college - I loved writing friends! Especially if I needed a break from writing papers without losing my mojo, I would write a letter. Since college, I have severely tapered off, but not for lack of want. April, of course, is National Writing Letter Month. Quick! Writing a few tonight!!

12. I prefer listening to books on tape, especially long novels - Anna Karenina, Harry Potter series and All the Kings Men were excellent. Excellent narrators only, please.

13. The End of the Affair by Graham Greene is my favorite book; The Habit of Being by Flannery O'Connor is my favorite collection; "The Four Quartets" is my favorite poem; Introduction to Christianity by Joseph Ratzinger/ Papa B is my favorite apologetics read.

14. Favorite modern lit? The Hunger Games trilogy, hands down. Will asked me to read the first one as his birthday present (to him - so we could see the movie together); I read the first one waiting for my flight to ATL (off to visit Vivian!) and live-texted him the entire time. It was an incredible read, though the second (Catching Fire) is my favorite.

15. I went to Germany with my sister for a week, and it was awesome. (My sisters K&M are flying there now for 10 days!) It was my first trip to Europe.

16. My favorite food is fruit pie (especially cherry, apple and peach).

17. I always thought I wanted lots of sons... but so far, I am not disappointed. I am seriously smitten with these two.

18. I try to keep an open mind to life - I'll try most things once, food included:

Tokyo street vendor cuisine

Tokyo fish market

^^That was a mistake/ Korean specialty.

(And some things are worth repeating!)

19. Fangirl moments:

I've met Justice Clarence Thomas (June 2009):

and Rep. Ron Paul! (February 2009):

Bucket list includes: Justice Scalia, J.K. Rowling, the Holy Fathers (Papa B and/or Papa F - a girl can dream, right?!)

20. Culinary claim-to-fame: I'l fix you the best grilled cheese you've ever tasted.

Anything else y'all want to know? Hey ho!

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  1. Im hungry and your number 20 sounds too good.... I might have to make one!