Friday, August 28, 2009

When in doubt, Drink Orange Juice

This is a picture from Katie and Mikey's regatta two years ago. It's a favorite picture of mine AND it's a good one of Heidi behaving (i.e. sitting down when told).

Faithful Heidi has been following me around the house. I wish she could come to Kappa and live with me. I'm going to miss her so much, even her incessant barking when she's trying to protect the house from people walking their own dogs and delivery men who walk up the steps to our house.

So it's after two in the afternoon. The kids should be getting home from school soon but I have yet to eat lunch yet. Why? Not hungry enough to make anything. Some may call that lazy, I call it Orange Juice Time! I'm munching on almonds too, so that should give me even more nutrients.

Today I decided to put on my swimsuit and get some sun. It was nice for a while, but then it got boring because it was too bright to read and I'd rather keep myself busy than sit/ lay around. I still got enough to notice a darkening of my Irish complexion, so I'm satisfied. Life's too short to sun-bathe.

Finishing packing. I've decided this is one of the worst processes ever. Packing, unpacking, packing, unpacking. I've almost finished books before I'm going to move onto details, like chargers and headbands and other things you don't think about until they're not at your disposal. Half my clothes are packed up. I'm glad most of my winter stuff is still at school in storage. It's nice not having to think about where to find my hat and mittens this time of year.

I've re-discovered Irish writer Jim Tully, who wrote during the 20s and 30s. Mencken was actually a fan and friend, as I recently found out. He's quite good and has a very strong poetic voice which rings gruff and true. I read too many books at one time, but still I devour them. 

The question of the day is what is your favorite book and why? Mine, for instance, would be 'Vile Bodies' by Evelyn Waugh for his biting satire on the upper-middle class in England before the war, with some of the best dialogue and characters. A close second or tie would be 'The Loved One,' also by Evelyn Waugh, which is a satire on America, religion and love. Again, the dialogue is hilarious and very dry. The best Waugh is 'Brideshead Revisited,' but you've got to read the book before you see the movie--actually, don't see the Focus Films movie at all, it is simply dreadful and completely misses the point of the book as well as misinterprets it. If you're going to watch a good version of Brideshead, I would recommend the BBC version with Jeremy Irons, but be warned that it is very long. Any and all book suggestions welcome as well!

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