Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Padfoot, Playground and Pete

Today I am working at Dad's office. By the end of the day, three reviews mostly done will become three reviews all done. Quite excited as I'm very methodical and like having things done one-by-one in order.
I am also having lunch with my friend Erin K. (see right!) from high school. We met in 8th grade standing in line at Ursuline, waiting to get fitted for our uniform skirts. She was wearing a Power of the Pen shirt, which is a competitive writing program in Ohio for 7th & 8th graders. I was on the team at my grade school as well and had gone to state the year before (I made regionals in 8th grade)! So of course my mother pressured me into saying hi and making awkward conversation, which turned into great conversation and a great friend all during high school and beyond.
She's actually transferring to the California Institute of the Arts; she's been in the DAAP program at UC, which is also great, but not as great. It's where Brad Bird from Pixar went too, so she is stoked about that. It'll be terrific to see her and catch up before she's off to the West Coast!
Tomorrow I shall be doing playground duty with my mother at Cardinal Pacelli, my gradeschool. It's not a huge hassle since we live a block away from our church and the school is next to it, only up the hill. Playground duty is for a volunteer opportunity for two parents to help keep more eyes on the kids at recess. It goes in shifts, starting at 11:15 with the 7th & 8th graders. Each shift is 15 minutes long.
The first shift will be the best because I'll be able to catch up with my favorite teacher I've ever had, Mrs. Knight. She was my English and grammar teacher in 7th & 8th grade, and the one who really fostered my love of language, books and writing. It will be wonderful to catch up with her and any other teachers I happen to run into. I tell you, some people never leave!
I'll also get to see Johnny and Meg at recess and spend more time with Mom before going out to lunch with my grandmother. Once I am back at home, I shall help Mom work on my birthday present and I shall pack. Yes, my birthday was in March, but her present to me is a photo album of my first 21 years and she wants me to help her pick out the pictures (she has a lot, to say the least. If I died today, PBS could run a 6 hour special on me.) All in all, it should be a solid day!
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