Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Julie of the Night

When I was little, my parents would call me a "Night Owl" because I loved to stay up late. In high school though, I got into the bad habit of not sleeping well since I would roll out of bed between 6 and 7 in order to get to Ursuline (Academy, my alma mater) before 8. My day would be spent in school and then I would study until lacrosse practice, not get home till at least 7, eat dinner, shower, and then start my homework. That would be a good, well-managed, in-season day; this does not count the off-season, when I would have to pick up my sister from rowing/ brother from school/ little kids from soccer/ run any errands Mom needed and still get to my indoor lax game on time. From that perspective, it is not surprising I have such horrible sleep habits, only made worse by college.

Tonight, I am up. Whether I want to be up late or not, I'm up and awake. I was supposed to go out with two good friends of mine, Jimmy and Jeff, for drinks and laughs, but decided I would stay in tonight. I've been working on the same book review all week and I've made tremendous progress, but I've also been needing to do massive organizing for the Forum and for the book review section I'm starting in the school paper. I'm feeling much better about this coming year although I really do need to buy my planner so that I can have it all written down methodically opposed to my looseleaf pages at present.

I started taking guesses today from friends on how many notecards I am going to need for my thesis. The guesses were as low as 300 and as high as 1334. I think I'm going to get the big ones, so maybe 300 or 500 will suffice. 

I made myself a grilled cheese tonight after I got back from taking Heidi for a walk. The family went to bed and I settled into the downstairs to write. I love writing, working in comfy pajamas and eating my grilled cheese. If I've never made you a grilled cheese,  I promise to make you one. I might not be a very advanced cook, but I make a darn good grilled cheese.  

I think I'm going to take a break, get on hulu, watch an episode or two of "Burn Notice" and go to bed. Even owls need to sleep!

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