Thursday, August 27, 2009

"Two"-day is brought to you by the number 2!

Two is the number of days I have left in Cincinnati, the number of bags I need to pack for school, the inches I got cut off my hair, how many cupcakes I ate when my cousin Sarah brought over to the house this afternoon and my newest blisters (one on each heel).

My brother is telling me about the muscles he's building in football and giving me a physical demonstration of leg-ups. He wants me to see a game, but I don't know if I'll be home until Thanksgiving. I'd love to see him play, though. He'll be 12 the next time I see him and a lean, mean football-playing machine! (opposed to playing "futbol" :) the usual Robison sport of choice)

I had dinner tonight at my Uncle Mark and Aunt Tracey's with my cousin Sarah. It was superb. Mark and Tracey live about a half hour away on this plot of land with their animals and in a house modeled after one of the founding fathers in Virginia's house. It's a beautiful house filled with beautiful art work, but it's only the two of them (both their kids are grown up). I have not seen them since Christmas, easily. My aunt is really sick, so I wanted to see her before I left.

I went on a long run yesterday so I took it a little easier today, but I think I need a back massage or something for my lower back. I also should be stretching my hamstrings better, but that's neither here nor there. 

I leave for school on Saturday. I'm off to pack now. Sarah's going to come over later and we'll do something, but for now I am drinking Irish whiskey mixed with orange juice. It's a bad combination, by the way, but I didn't think I should be around the little kids drinking whiskey straight on the rocks and we hardly keep any pop in the house. I probably should have looked around the bar area better but didn't. Now Mom and Muffy are eating drumstick ice cream and Heidi is barking and playing with her bone.

In closing, I think I won one of the snobs over. Last night, Finny let me play with him and today he curled up by my feet while I was reading. Cecily...not so much. He also climbed over me, which I felt was a trusting exercise. Cecily and I do not get along as well. She keeps her distance and I've learned to as well. The rule of thumb with the snobs in general is to let them come to you, which I supposes helps perpetuate their reputations as snobs. Dad just got home from work. Beau was sitting on Mom's car. He always waits for Dad to come home before coming inside for the evening.

Ahh, home.

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