Tuesday, February 17, 2015

How It Feels: 39 Weeks Pregnant

So, wicked back pain since last night. Aches all over. I have a hard time breathing only when I am attempting to go to sleep. Oo! Reflux too. Never fails. I feel like a pancake, always needing to be flipped over after a few minutes on each side...

Fortunately, my MIL is here! I have my 40 week appointment tomorrow morning (one day early). Bebe Deux is due on Thursday. I am finishing up a lecture on The Great Depression for my younger kids. It's also inspired me to write a treatise called "The Gold Standard: A Guide For Middle Schoolers Who Want The Simple Complicated Answer"... because, seriously. Raise your hand if you want to read this book.

My appetite is small and my baby is active. I love the end of pregnancy, but I'm very excited to meet my second daughter and hold her close. I've been scrolling through memory lane, looking at all the pictures I took of Grace when she was a neonate. I can't believe how little she was, and what a precious gift I've been given - now, twice!

Bedtime snuggles - I am really savoring these:

GHB is wearing pajamas her Robison aunts + uncles all wore, her mama included!

Will has a big test coming up on February 25, so he is taking vacation February 20-24 to study and spend time with his little girl. I hope she comes earlier to maximize her Dad time! That will be a very precious commodity come March when he's in the SICU.

The unromantic part of this pregnancy is my overwhelming tiredness, especially as I rush to finish prep work/ complete more grading. My brain is not cooperating quickly. Other than that, we're celebrating Mardi Gras up here in the snow drifts!

Celebrate good times, y'all!

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