Wednesday, February 25, 2015

#5Faves: Second Baby Buys

We do not need a lot for this baby - but a few things were in order for Bebe Deux:


(Her very own) Wubbanub

Before Grace's first Christmas, we drove from New Orleans to Lexington, KY and Toledo, OH for two residency interviews before arriving home. On the way up, we stopped at a family friend's house for the night. Will's best friend from medical school and his wife Whitney gave Grace her wubbanub. Whitney was in her intern year of pediatrics and said these were a big hit. Honestly, I was dubious. A stuffed animal attached to a binky? Really...interesting?

Then, we stopped by Will's aunt and uncle's house for his UK interview. His little cousin M "borrowed" Grace's little binky and we couldn't find it. Desperately, I gave her the wubbanub and life was wonderful again!

Over a year later, Grace is still enamored with her dino. Sure, it looks silly - but the animal is light enough to carry around, sits on the baby's chest, helps the baby learn to grab on, and becomes a fast friend in the middle of the night.

And for all those times when Grace just needs some time to relax, her wubbanub and her blanket are there.


Grace has this blanket in blue, and it is her most favorite possession (after her dino wubbanub). Satin on one side and velvety on the other - this blanket is super soft and cuddly. Machine washable to boot!


This just arrived in the mail - and with all the rave reviews, and I am very excited to try and use it! We do not have the sink space we did in New Orleans, so the babies have to be washed in the tub - but small babies are slippery and small. This is the perfect solution: mildew resistant, light, contorts to hold baby slightly upright.


This is the gift of all gifts. We are being given this beeeeeautiful stroller, and will be celebrating spring by walking in the Life Without Limits 5k in Philly this April (for cerebral palsy research!). It's also going to give me few excuses to get outside with the girls every day during the summer, and a nice outlet for exercise and freedom.

It'll also be a good reason to revive my postpartum Couch to 5k training!



Anything you splurged on for your baby? Any basics you're re-stocking?

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  1. I've never found a baby tub I liked - that one looks like it might be awesome though!!

  2. Another good option for an infant tub is this sponge! We used this with Lucy and she always loved baths - keeps them warm and they get to splash a little as they get bigger. Only downside is you have to replace it every few months because it gives a little from wringing it out.

  3. I need that infant tub. The one we have for baby one is SO uncomfortable!