Saturday, February 28, 2015

Day 289: A Baby's Tale

Day 289 of captivity. 

I've given Mom so many contractions, hosted late night dance parties and continue the general messing with mom's body... And still, here I remain. 

Mom tried to evict me last night buuuut she was too dilated. So they sent her home. After contracting all night, she came in for the second attempt to find the OB wing completely full. She and Dad are camped in triage, watching my heartbeat and more contractions... But no real progression. Foiled again!

Even from my dark cozy lair, I continue to wreck havoc. 

The nursing staff is helping too- Mom ate this for lunch:

I know, right? Mwahahahaha. 

Uh-oh. What's pitocin?

Over and out,
Bebe Deux


  1. Feast of the Transfiguration - all in God's time - hope little one breaks out soon

  2. "Uh-oh. What's pitocin?" This made me laugh more and it should've.

  3. Oh Laura, she already has her mom's humor! ;)