Tuesday, February 24, 2015

How It Feels: 40 Weeks, 5 Days Pregnant

Well, it feels a bit larger, to start.

Then, it feels like a pain.

A pain here, and a pain there... I've had the lower back pains, the round ligament pains, the tightness across my abdomen, mini contractions (I dislike the term false labor, as if I am imagining all of this)... Plus, I am not breathing well at night, reflux, small appetite and bladder, and have a need to flip over like a pancake every few hours while sleeping when I can (+seriously loving on my body pillow)...

I do not want to rush this pregnancy (Bebe Deux, I get it! It's cold outside!), but today is my second day of maternity leave... and I am using it to work on more power points for my March classes, instead of caring for a newborn. Frankly, it is nice having this time off because I am so burned out and tired. But but but...

I really want to hold my baby.

Will was able to take four days off - today is his last day. He has a big EM test tomorrow, then back to work. I am trying to enjoy today and not sigh a lot. Or get more stressed - we already had our few days of me sulking and crying. Husband is, of course, the best (taking care of me and studying hard? Total rock star.).

Still, we have our good times:

My in-laws are here too!

But more on that later, because they are super awesome and deserve a whole post of praise.

So yes: radio silence, sadly, does not mean I am currently in labor. I am reminding myself that my baby is healthy, growing, and safe. I am cherishing this time with sweet baby Grace. I am (better) learning patience, contentment and perseverance. I am really loving the family time, and increased nap time.

How is your week going?


  1. *just* thinking of you, mama. sending waves of love your way for a swift and easy delivery--she'll be coming round the mountain any day now!

  2. Both my babies went past their due dates. It's sooooo hard waiting! Praying for you and hoping to hear some good news soon!

  3. Ugh, I so remember this frustrating part, when you start to wonder if you will be eternally pregnant! It's so tough and I hear you on all those pains. I was stressed too about the timing, since Tom had 2 weeks off and we really wanted Magdalena to come at the beginning of that break, but of course she came the morning of his first day back to summer camps...ha, God's timing! Praying for you!! Can't wait to see that sweet newborn!