Monday, May 19, 2014

Pensacola-izing and #wiws

The most interesting part of marrying into a family is experiencing their "normal". Vacations in my family are usually in a sunny, cooler climate - usually northern Michigan on a lake.

My Baldwin family loves Pensacola - its heat, its beaches, its fishing opportunities, and the family history which keeps them coming back again year after year. 

It was a really special experience, complete with my MIL crushing us all in mini-golf, my SIL's epic sand castle, watching my FIL fly fish, and Grace's first experience in the Gulf of Mexico. 

The water was very "refreshing"... I enjoyed it once I got acclimated. 

I preferred beach bummin' with my bebe. 

I highly recommend the kidco baby beach pod for baby naps and protection against UV rays. Grace was reasonably energized against naps, but her Royal Highness of Teething usually succumbed eventually.

Dress: J.Crew via ThredUp
Belt: J.Crew
Necklace: {Bought many moons ago}
Shoes: Minnetonka mocs

Gracie's dress is Carter's and her headband is from Etsy. 

This vacation/ graduation celebration is the beginning of a new reality. First of all, holy packing, Batman! Ahem. My fabulous friend Catharine is coming Memorial Day weekend, so I'm hypothesizing how to arrange the living space with boxes. We're also selling furniture, so there is that. 

Will is studying medicine (in general via the stacks of books by his desk) and Spanish. I'm writing and devising a better way to schedule my time. For example, mornings are just tough for me. So they are a better time to run errands and household activities. Afternoons are best for writing, and late afternoon for running. So far, so good, right?

But back to Pensacola dreamin'. This trip was awesome. I've been foiling my husband and FIL's shoot the moon efforts in Hearts, catching up on reading Dante and starting Dorothy Sayer's mystery short stories. 

Everyone got sunburned somewhere and Grace got little spots. Jury is still out if Grace has her mama's fair Irish skin or her father's tannable skin. 

What kind of vacations do you like to take? Any favorite places you've visited? What is your ideal vacation plan - are you a relaxer, an explorer or a planner?

Happy Monday!


  1. Great pictures! So glad you had fun in Pcola. Where did you eat??

    1. We had crawfish on Thursday night from the Cajun food supplier/ restaurant off the highway - really good! Chinese on Friday night - 12 minute drive down Gulf Breeze. On Saturday we had California Mexican at Cactus Flower (?), by the dock and kitschy stores -- my favorite, hands down. [[I am obviously really good at names.]] Then! Red Fish, Blue Fish on Sunday with fish tacos. All other meals and snacks were supplied by Publix!

  2. Looks like a fantastic time! :)

    I love to be in a seaside town, with lots of history, and local restaurants. I've been on a cruise once, which stopped every day on a different island, so it was a great mix of fine dining, beaches, and history. If I can't be by the beach, any place with lots of historical sites and museums are great to me. I loved Florence, Rome, and am dying to go to Ireland!