Saturday, May 17, 2014

My View (vol. 12)

Hello from Pensacola, FL - the former birthplace of both of Will's paternal grandparents, and a favorite vacation spot of the Baldwins since my FIL was a tot.

We're staying in a very nice hotel,

But we're mostly at the beach. 

I am reporting to you from the hotel room where I am drinking coffee Will fixed for me two hours ago (re-heated) and eating my yogurt. The Baldwins are early risers (unlike most Robisons) and GHB has not been sleeping as soundly in this new place. Oh well. 

This trip is Will's graduation gift! He is now Dr. Baldwin MD, MS - and crazy excited to be back in the hospital. He's even studying at the beach! I got him medical Spanish audio CDs and quick study/ pocket copy as his graduation gift. He loved them!

Nothing riveting to report here: ignoring my to-do list for a few more days. 

Happy Saturday!

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