Saturday, July 27, 2013

#7QT: How To Survive Pregnancy Edition

Happy Friday, one and all! Linking up with Jen and the gang for kicks and giggles.


I am two months away from my due date, and so continues my saga of roughin' it. Have you ever seen What To Expect When You're Expecting? Hilarious film. All stereotypes, of course, but I really sympathized with the one who got all the symptoms because, you know, I have not had a magical pregnancy.


Now, perhaps you're thinking - no pregnancy is magical! So let me break it down for all the people out there who need to know there is light at the end of the tunnel.

First trimester 

Tummy: You're not reeeeally showing. Sowwy.

Feelings: Why do I want to die right now? Or take a nap. A nap sounds good. Bebe, I'm so happy you're being created into a person shape with organs and ears and fingernails, but dang, my body is tired. I am worshiping at the alter of Zofran, anti-nausea medicine, and Preggie Pops - yum.

If you exercise, you will feel better: No, I do not want to exercise. Maybe a walk.

Food: Cream of wheat, plain greek yogurt, steamed vegetables, citrus-y fruit. I lose a lot of weight; my OB is not pleased.

Perks: I can sleep on my stomach!

Second trimester

Tummy: Showing-ish, and then showing some more. Weight stabilizes, though I still weigh less than when I got preggo.

Feelings: Okay, I can do this. I can do this. I can do this. (Said ever since my Zofran dosage was increased.)

If you exercise, you will feel better: I tried, and it was horrible. I'll stick with walking and lifting small children.

Food: Lots of fruits and vegetables; still struggling with meat so I am eating my way through Greek yogurt containers. I cannot abide anything baked in cheese or heavy on spices. This makes eating out more difficult than necessary. Pickles are pretty delicious, though.

Perks: I can still sleep comfortably, but not so much on my stomach. I'm actually showing, which I appreciate. It's fun looking pregnant after being pregnant for so many months.

Third trimester

Tummy: Showing!!!!!!!!!!!!! My weight gain is up.

Feelings: HOLY GYMBOREE, BATMAN! My Bebe is moving and grooving inside me. My stomach often looks asymetrical as the baby prefers the right side of the uterus. It is surreal being able to to feel the baby cha-cha, and I am getting more excited for Bebe to be here. Not for the labor part, but we'll deal with details as they get closer. I'm an emotional roller coaster too, but that might have to do with moving away from my family.

If you exercise, you will feel better: Still walking, although it looks more like waddling. Swimming laps, too, like Baby Beluga in the deep blue sea. I sleep better at night.

Food: Fortunately, I'm back on the protein train. Unfortunately, I'm starting to crave sweets. Fortunately, I do not allow myself to eat too many of them. Unfortunately, I had this decision after I consumed a box of doughnuts. C'est la vie. Lots of fruits of vegetables, inhaling Greek yogurt, trying out cottage cheese on my baked potato, and continuing my relationship with bagels/ English muffins/ ciabatta bread. Some days I have to force myself to eat; other days I am ravenous. Weight steady.

Perks: My belly button sticks out like a party hat.


Pope Francis, at World Youth Day, on grandparents:
Speaking about family life, I would like to say one thing: today, as Brazil and the Church around the world celebrate this feast of Saints Joachim and Anne, Grandparents Day is also being celebrated. How important grandparents are for family life, for passing on the human and religious heritage which is so essential for each and every society! How important it is to have intergenerational exchanges and dialogue, especially within the context of the family. The Aparecida Document says, “Children and the elderly build the future of peoples: children because they lead history forward, the elderly because they transmit the experience and wisdom of their lives” (No. 447). This relationship and this dialogue between generations is a treasure to be preserved and strengthened! In this World Youth Day, young people wish to acknowledge and honour their grandparents. They salute them with great affection and they thank them for the ongoing witness of their wisdom.
I love our pope! And cheers to my grandparents!


What is everyone reading lately? I want to get back into Laura Ingalls Wilder books (plus book reviews, yada yada), and maybe Maud Heart's Betsy, Tacy and Tib series! I'm in a nostalgic book mood, so a thousandth reading of Ella Enchanted may need to be in the line up too.


I am posting late, but I am back from eating delicious cajun food at Mulate's with Will and these three awesome high school friends visiting for the weekend!

Happy Friday, y'all!


  1. Replies
    1. YES! I need to find where I packed it now... all my books are still in boxes!

  2. I'm reading "How to Teach Your Baby to Sign", as well as the biography of Phil Harris, star of "The Deadliest Catch" reality show. Oh, and "Nourishing Traditions". All very random, but that kind of suits me, right now. :)
    And I loved "What to Expect When You're Expecting"; I cried during the adoption scene...I'm so thankful I got the chance to be a mom and love a baby.

    1. Baby Signing Time by Little Hands Productions is excellent as well! Videos and books, etc.

      I cried during the labor scenes... that may have been a foreshadowing. ;)

  3. I just watched "What to Expect" again (the first time I was VERY pregnant), and still cried at all the babies being born. It made me both relieved at being done with pregnancy AND want another baby.

  4. I love the Laura Ingalls Wilder books! I can't wait to read them to Lucy. She has marathon breastfeeding sessions so I think she's just about ready for chapter books now :)

    I'm currently reading "New Mother's Guide to Breastfeeding" by the AAP and "The Duggars: 20 and Counting", both of which are encouraging in their own ways. I'm hoping now that I'm on maternity leave for a bit, that I'll be able to pick up my reading pace to what it was when I was in school.

  5. I am re-reading the Anne of Green Gables books right now.:)