Saturday, July 13, 2013

O Come, Holy Spirit!

Story 101 - week 3, prompt 1: The Holy Spirit as my prompt and source for writing.

In an age of beauty and technology and words, words, words at our disposal, there is nothing more freeing than letting go of acceptable ways of saying something, of being tame, and, instead, letting that comma be out of place so that I can let the Holy Spirit guide me in writing.

Why do you write? Yes, you. Anyone can write, blog, be a journalist or novelist. Not all those people are good writers, top quality, but they often have the same motivation: they have a voice, and they feel called to write. Write about their feelings and their family, their food recipes and their travels, their theories and their intellectual quarrels.

I know I have hashed out a lot of beliefs within writing. My husband tells me that I always need a reason to believe something. That I should not believe "just because". I agree with him on most levels, but I think that is the scientist in him talking out loud. The doctor who has to always give a reason to his patients and their family of why he is suggesting this way or that. I am no doctor.

This does not lessen my accountability, nor does it take away any legitimacy over why I feel beliefs. Because I have reasons, but sometimes, they're not hashed out all the way. They're not iron-clad. They might not convince him or my readers, but I'm not talking to them anyways. I'm talking out loud, through my writing. I'm talking with the Holy Spirit, who is urging me and talking to me and suggesting to me and feeding into my curiosity and endless knowledgelust.

Must know more. Must keep writing. Excavate.

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