Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Five Favorites

For a second time this week, I am linking to Camp Patton, who is guest hosting Five Favorites for Hallie at Moxie Wife!

1. This cat.

My sister Katie left her car window down, and Finny (one of our two cats) climbed in the window because nothing says lap of luxury like hanging out in a Toyota RAV.

This makes me so happy.

1.5 is technology... because getting pictures on my phone from home has made this Southern transition so much bearable. And high fives to all my family members and friends who have gone out of their way to call, e-mail, write, text and generally show me a lot of lovin' as Will and I embark on our Southern adventures! In 3 days, we will have arrived in Louisiana exactly a month earlier!

Sounds like I need to bake something now in celebration...! Wink.

2. Arrested Development.

The greatest.
During the evening, Will and I take a break and indulge in one of our favorite shows. We are in the middle of Season 2 (again). Hilarious.

Have you read this article from First Things comparing Arrested Development to The Brothers Karamazov? Simply brilliant.

3. This photographer.

I am totally blown away by his talent. He's in the NJ/NY area, but it looks like he travels too! Check him out.

Even his "About Me" section is great -
My name is Dan. Husband and brand-new father. 
Photography for me is a tool that allows me to bring the *real* stuff in life to, well, reality. I find little importance in a photo unless it speaks to me about something more than the picture itself. As it turns out, I'm a philosopher and theologian first, and in a strange twist of life, I found that photography allowed me to clarify the wonder and awe of the world that engulfs us. The tradition of marriage goes so much deeper than the cake and flowers let on-- Indeed, the entire day stems upon the desire of man and woman to give themselves to each other entirely. There is certainly something passionate and revealing in that, and I hope to capture a glimpse of it.

4. NFP Week.

Holler back, y'all! Katie (the beautiful co-founder of IuseNFP) is hosting an NFP story link-up if any of you have a story to tell...

Here's my post at The Mirror Magazine for why my husband and I use NFP.

5. Swimming.

I've never been a huge swimmer (more of a kick my legs around, walk back and forth around the pool), but there is something so magical about being pregnant and gliding through the water like baby beluga.

Will and I joined the gym at Tulane University (student perks!) and have been indulging in mid-day exercise. I'm feeling a lot better, it's easy on my joints, and I take my dandy time. I might not be burning ALL THE CALORIES, but I'm moving around and feeling great.

Also, I'm wearing my cute maternity swimsuit. Win!

I'm swimming like a fish, not with the fish - from our June Cumberland trip! The top has a nice halter strap too.

What are some of your favorite things, dear readers?


  1. I love your fishing picture! That's a good size fish, nice work!

    1. Thank you! Technically, my FIL caught it and I reeled it in - he was teaching me to fly fish!

  2. My two cats LOVE to hang out in and on my car. It still cracks me up!

  3. My cat used to do the same thing when he was an outdoors cat. He used to sit on the roof too and sometimes he wouldn't get off when we wanted to go somewhere!

  4. The things pets do...I have had both cats & dogs. One of my last cats used to get into a reusable shopping bag while it was hanging on the back of a chair. You would go to pick it up and the bag was heavier and he would pop his head out of the bag.