Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy 2011!

Another year has come and passed, and in less than three months, I'll be 23. Great Scott!

Okay: New Years Resolutions. I don't usually make 'em. I don't like making promises I don't keep a month later, usually because of sloth. But... I was very naughty in December 2010 and bought a "few" more than usual fantastic books. Now, I don't regret buying the books, but if I want to travel more, I am going to have to curb my purchases since aggressively paying off my student loans takes a big bite out of my paycheck every month. So, here goes:

Resolution #1: Buy no more than three books a month.  

This will be difficult. Brief poll: do academic books count?

Resolution #2:  Write more letters than blog posts.

My friend Tessa and I formed the St. Francis Society (SFS) for all epistolary communication a year or so ago. I am thinking about branching out the membership. (St. Francis is the patron saint of writers, and we think letter writers should be included.) Also, I've noticed since graduating that I tend to write a huge stack of letters every few months; I think I should write less letters on a more frequent basis, like I did in college. It'll help break up stress too!

Resolution #3: Not eat meat on Fridays.

I've always admired people who sacrifice that one day. We've never done it in our family, but I know other families and friends who do. It isn't quite fasting, but it's something physical and manageable I can offer up to God, since I eat meat every day (Lent notwithstanding).

Resolution #4: Regularly review Latin vocabulary.

Latin is coming up a lot more in readings that I am doing, and it annoys me that I know the grammar syntax and construction but am becoming pretty shaky on actually translating. I intend to remedy this! I'm afraid, though, it will be another type of purgatory, those horrible character building things necessary for life, because one cannot enjoy the joy of translating at sight without the hours of dull memorizing.

What do y'all think about resolutions? Do you make them and follow them? Or do you think they're made to be broken? What are they?

Hurray for another year of life! Happy 2011! Only a few more days left in the Christmas season, so enjoy them.


  1. i love your resolutions! your first one struck me as hilarious, as one of my resolutions is to read as much as physically possible. i'm afraid i tend to neglect books. i'll use you as my inspiration. :) happy new year!

  2. Academic books absolutely do NOT count toward your limit. Talk about perverse incentives!

  3. Do a book swap with people you barely know. Who doesn't want more books? OR get a Nook and borrow e-books from the library... it only costs the amount of the Nook and you might be able to find one on eBay.

    Our birthdays might be in the same week if it's just short of 3 months away! 20s of March

  4. Generally I try and follow the rule of not buying more books than I am reading. If I am not going to read it almost immediately or have it in the cue then generally I hold off. But academic books only count if you are going to consistently use them as a resource. I mean, you have to put a limit somewhere if you are going to see the world right? I was thinking of reading 52 books in 52 weeks as I think I had mentioned before, but I think I am going to go for 30 again like I was able to do this year. If I can stay consistent with that I think it's a solid amount and nothing to be ashamed of. Keep up the good work, Julie! And good luck not eating meat. :)