Friday, January 21, 2011

Now Taking Applications to Join the Society for the Restoration of Pluto to Planethood

The Ever-Entertaining Chapter Eight, LIVE from a Level 2 Snow Emergency*:


I've decided that I want to become a canon law lawyer. Thanks, Ed Peters. (Oh, and don't worry. I've already e-mailed him and made a new friend! Doubly excited to stay in contact and to learn more.)

In other career news, I'm having an article published by the New England Real Estate Journal next week. I am also applying to take my first graduate-level theology class at the local seminary and for my passport tomorrow. This has been quite the week of plans and planning!


"We hard-hearted, small-government guys are often damned as selfish types who care nothing for the general welfare. But, as the Greek protests make plain, nothing makes an individual more selfish than the socially equitable communitarianism of big government. Once a chap's enjoying the fruits of government health care, government-paid vacation, government-funded early retirement, and all the rest, he couldn't give a hoot about the general societal interest. He's got his, and to hell with everyone else. People's sense of entitlement endures long after the entitlement has ceased to make sense."
--Mark Steyn, "Our Own Greek Tragedy" in The Washington Times


Have you heard of Gleaves Whitney? No matter. I highly recommend reading his 3 part series on "Why Study World History?" because it is utterly fantastic: Part I - Part II - Part III


A friend of mine works as a teacher in Boston. They have instituted Bow Tie Day and it makes me very, very happy. I am a huge fan of bow ties- they are so classy! (My friend is the second on the left, in the dark blazer. I really like blazers too; very sharp.)

So, here it comes... do you prefer bow ties or neckties?


The Penguins from the movie Madagascar... please, please, please tell me you have heard of them. They were the only part of that movie I liked. Then they made a Christmas special, which is so funny. Now I find out that they have their own t.v. show on Nickelodeon! What?! I've only found clips, but it looks hilarious, regardless of what my siblings say.

Everyone agrees that this is fabulous:

"Kaboom, Rico."


Do you like my hat?

I became a big fan of "The Planets, Op. 32" by Gustav Holst this week:

Happy Friday! See Conversion Diary for more.

*which means nothing, except that the usual suspects don't have school again and I am at work, regardless of the weather and the slow-moving traffic. But if you are so inclined, say a prayer for truck drivers today - it's harder than most realize for them to have to haul in this kind of weather!


  1. I prefer hard pieces of plastic around the neck than strips of fabric, of either variet: dangling down to the waist or knotted in a pretty little bow.

    (Mars is a particular favorite of mine in The Planets.)

  2. Thanks for the prayers Julie...and for subscribing to my blog!! :)

  3. What a great quote from the Mark Steyn article! I will have to check out the rest of it.

    On a personal note, I think I prefer neckties. Men wearing bowties seem so goofy to me. Like they are playing the part of a cartoon character. I don't know why I think this, though! The gentlemen in the photo look very dapper. Maybe I just need to see more men wearing bowties.

  4. As someone who was involved in the conservative/libertarian movement for a while.... I am not a fan of bow ties. It's just not my preference.

    Thanks for the suggestion to read Gleaves Whitney! I love that kind of thing. This was a great post: hilarious penguins, Papal garage sales, and a group of guys standing around in a room. Adorable!

  5. I LOVED the penguins. DIVE DIVE DIVE.

    Going to read that series -- sounds fascinating! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Wow Julie! I'm so excited that you and life are making some pretty incredible plans ;)

    AND!!!!! I'm a fan, practically a groupie of The Planets by Holst...thank you Dr. Michael Ward and C.S. Lewis.

    Such great taste, sista!