Friday, April 23, 2010

I hear you call my name, and it feels like home

Tonight is KKG spring formal! I'm excited, even with everything. We're going up to a country club in Ann Arbor, the same place we went to last year. Maybe a few fellow devious minds and myself will succeed in "borrowing" a golf cart...

This is the dress that I am wearing, and I'll be wearing plum heels. Will is going to wear a yellow tie. Matchy-matchy? More like complimentary-ary, which is much, much better.

For everyone in the chapter who was interested, I placed an order last week for these sweet plastic ray-bans with blue sides; on the left side, they say "Kappa Kappa Gamma." They arrived and are so sweet! The chapter is going to look so fly!

It'll be nice to have a night I'm not actively thinking about all the writing/ editing/ work I have to do. Ahhh... sigh of senior release! And I love dancing, and just being, with my favorite people.

Kappa chapter song, compliments of Glee:

Aunt Tracey's funeral is tomorrow. I talked to Aunt Nancy and Dad, and we've decided it's better if I don't go. I'm already completely exhausted and overworked, this would just add to it. Uncle Mark told Dad I shouldn't come either because it would be too much for me. Aunt Nancy says I'm so close to graduating and Tracey would be miffed if I didn't finish strong. My family is so wonderful, even in our grief. So the rest of this year is for you, Aunt Tracey.

Happy Friday friends, and many blessings on your day.

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