Sunday, April 25, 2010

Favorite Spring 2010 KKG Formal Photographs

The gang.

Most of my favoritest people are in this picture. We're missing favorites, of course, but I'll say a bit about each favorite.
--I've known Jenny (in the pink) since freshman year;
--Heather (in the green) is my best friend and all-four-years roommate of mine;
--Matt (orange tie) is a fellow American Studies major and one of my two closest male friends at college;
--Will (next to me) is my other closest guy friend at Hillsdale;
--Hannah (in the blue dress) is one of our newest Kappa babies and--besides being the sweetest--is going to be an American Studies major(!!!);
--Dan (purple shirt and tie) is a freshman, freaking hilarious, and a great dancer and date (from what I witnessed on the dance floor);
--Betsy (in the black and white) is one of my best friends at school;
--Zach (Betsy's fiancee and Will's four-year roommate) is one of my dearest friends as well.

p.s. Rach, do you like my plum heels? I should have gotten a better picture of them with the dress, they looked tres bon!

I love this picture because Bear is laughing at something most likely not that funny, Betsy is suppressing a smile, and my dress is totally cupcaking out.

The Striped Tie Club! Will, Matt and Zach. I've been told this was not intentional.

The best picture of the night: Heather got a gin and tonic, but it was too strong, so she got another one and Matt took the first one, in addition to his coke and whiskey. Then we wanted to document it. Coercion? Unreasonable? I think not!

Last year at Formal, Will and I found this awesome golfer statue and wanted to take a picture with it. Unfortunately, I failed to bring my camera with me to Formal. This year, we not only succeeded, but Bear and Will had a staring contest. It also looks like Will is about to give her a noogie, but I have it on the highest authority that his hand was not actually close to her head. I also like how Zach is making friends with the golfer; how outstanding of him!

Three members of the Dogwood Society at KKG Formal: Brad, Julie and Matt. As Brad said, "This one's for Russell Kirk!"

My dear Little, Danielle. I am going to miss her a lot.

Will is a good friend: he not only puts up with my daily shenanigans, but the multiple Kappa events I've dragged him along to (I think the count is two formals, one informal and one date party...there might have been more). He's kindly reminded me not everyone will be as generous in the real world. Ain't that the truth, brother!

The Love Pumpkin Society of KKGs 10 and 11: Betsy, Heather, Julie and Amanda.
"Love covers a multitude of sins. Love pumpkins cover a multitude of scenarios." --Bets

It was a great last Kappa event, to say the least.

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  1. This looks like a lot of fun! I miss getting dressed up and going to dances... weddings, anyone?