Thursday, April 15, 2010

The end is near

Greek Week this week. I passed my oral comps on Wednesday (they said they were impressed, so that's all that matters) and my thesis is due Friday (tomorrow). My last issue of the Forum is in lay-out right now and tomorrow is also an interview with the publisher of TAS. Last Friday I had an interview with the Managing Editor and then one with the Editorial Editor and now the publisher...fingers crossed and many prayers.

Senior dinner at the Arnn's tonight, which was great. Sat at a table with Mrs. Arnn and she is just the sweetest. Formal is next Friday, which is quite exciting. I organized and ordered cheap ray-bans with blue sides that say "Kappa Kappa Gamma" on the side. The chapter is stoked!

Poem of the day is a favorite, though sad:

"Guinea Pig" by Julie Cadwallader-Staub

As if your cancer weren't enough,
the guinea pig is dying.
The kids brought him to me
wrapped in a bath towel
‘Do something, Mom.
Save his life.'

I'm a good mom.
I took time from work,
drove him to the vet,
paid $77.00 for his antibiotics.

Now, after the kids rush off to school,
you and I sit on the bed.
I hold the guinea pig, since he bites.
You fill the syringe.
We administer the foul smelling medicine,
hoping the little fellow will live.

admitting to each other:
if he doesn't,
it'll be good practice.

This has also been my favoritest song for the past week:

I am so incredibly exhausted. Pax et amore.

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