Saturday, April 24, 2010

W.H. Auden, eat your heart out!

Today is my Aunt Tracey's funeral. Obviously, I wrote a poem.

"The Rain"

It is raining the day of my Aunt’s funeral.
I am, of course, not there--
still North of the family and their grieving
incapable of holding hands and wiping tears
hugging my little siblings and supporting my Father
as he gives the eulogy of the woman who knew right
and wasn’t intimidated by wrong; a mother of two, aunt of too many,
who always made time for her family, especially when she wasn’t well,
and here I am, still at school, no time to think about leaving,
no more time to cry while my heart still mourns,
but instead relish in the rain: people are running
from building to building and all I think
is how she can no longer feel the rain hit her face
or get cold, or smile, or walk, or skip,
and so I do all of these as I move through the rain,
my funeral procession of one,
the still living.

Also, I like this song, especially today. And "Laughing With," but I think I already posted that once. And "What Wonderous Love is This?/ Oh my soul, oh my soul" but I've never found a version on YouTube that I really like.

Senior BBQ today! I need to figure out what I am going to will to the baby Kappas. Formal was really fun, I'll post pictures later. Dealing with the Forum and the thesis today, and taking a little time to go to a friend's show.

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