Tuesday, October 13, 2009

October the 13th

Reasons 1-7 I am excited to go home: Mom, Dad, Kato, Mikey, Muffy, Bob and Boo

Now those are obviously my nicknames for my siblings, not their real names, but for anyone who knows me well enough, they know I love re-naming people, whether it be obtuse nicknames created from some variation on their name or simply calling them by their last name (a personal favorite).

Home is going to be busy:
Wednesday- class, drive to Cincinnati, enveloped by family lovin', sleeeep.

Thursday- work with Dad (homework, research, fellowship apps, etc.) and then most likely Chipotle dinner in Ault park with Besl and then all my friends who go to St. Louis University will be piling back into the city, so I shall be making the rounds to see them, which will be uber-exciting. I'm especially excited to see the twins, who I have not seen since spring break since they were doing research in St. Louis all summer and I was obviously in D.C.

Friday- Betsy's asked me to join her and a few of our Hillsdale friends who are coming down to Cincy for break to the library downtown in the morning and then whatever else we'll do. Maybe walk around downtown, maybe the Art Museum and lunch at Eden park, etc. I know this side of town pretty well, so I'm happy and excited to do it. I love sharing Cincinnati with people. After that, I'll most likely try to hang out with my cousin Sarah and see my family and home friends until I trek north to the French's, where they will be having a bonfire gathering with all the Hillsdale-Cincinnati people. That should be awesome fun!

Saturday- up in the air, but most likely more family time :) I'm having Hillsdale people over for dinner; I think Kate and Heather might come over to help me prepare the meal. I'm excited to have more Hillsdale friends meet my family. Both are such a huge and important part of my life. I think it is so important to meet people's families. You know them so much better as people when you know the people they had been surrounded by for most of their life. At the very least, you understand why they act and say the things they do a little better. My family can be quite the hoot, too, so I enjoy sharing them with my favorite people. I have no clue what I'll do with them after dinner, but I'm thinking about having a few desserts and beers, so that will always be a winner. I prefer talking the night away anyways; good conversation does more for the soul than a rousing game of cards ever did.

Sunday-mass at 10, brunch with the grandparents and hit the road back to Hillsdale with Kate and Heather! That should be a really fun car ride. For those who do not know who Kate or Heather are, Kate and I went to high school together and were friends there. We've become much better friends in college, which is great considering Kate has become one of Heather's best friends and I am Heather's other best friend/ roommate. We always have ridiculously good times together, sometimes involving cheese.

Today is my sister Katie's 20th birthday! She got picked up by Kappa Alpha Theta last night, so she shall be spending it at her first chapter meeting. She goes to UC and is joining the same Theta chapter my grandmother and a few of my aunts were in--the whole family is very excited for her!

Today is also Founder's Day for Kappa Kappa Gamma! Happy 139th anniversary! We're having a formal dinner to commemorate the day, which is great since I am starving in the library right now.

Delta Pi Nu, the American Studies honorary, had our tray lunch today with Professor Knecht, who talked about Constitutional art history. It was fascinating and I had another opportunity to spend time with my favorite people on campus, i.e. my fellow majors.

Fun stories of the day include
A) Matt telling me that I am a fantastic human being after saying I said I was feeling domestic and would therefore make him brownies,
B) Zach suggesting I write a song called "all along the library,"
C) wearing the shirt I bought at the Bob Dylan concert a few summers ago and am even listening to the "No Direction Home" soundtrack on my ipod. I am feeling thoroughly Bob-fied.

Here's a video of Hillsdale College students rushing the field after we beat the #1 ranked Grand Valley State University after the Homecoming game:

Pure awesome :) I have to get back to the ridiculous amount of work I need to complete before fall break so that I may still have a productive-yet-laid back time at home. We were assigned a group presentation for this Wednesday (tomorrow) in my Robert Frost class this past Monday (yesterday), so that's one more thing to add to my plate. The fun thing is that we're all going to dress up like my teacher when we give it--
including putting a white moustache above our noses and twitching it in a distinctly Norwegian way. We're going to meet up at the Hunt Club tonight and discuss it over beer, which makes me happy to be 21 and in college.

Readings of the day quite good, especially the first (Romans 1:16-25).

Happy October the 13th! May none of your superstitions come true!

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